Bloody Scotland 2018



Is it always sunny in Stirling?  I expect the locals would be quick to tell me that it’s not.  My infrequent visits to the historic city always seem to produce good weather, although there is no suggestion that the residents want me to be there more often.

It’s a beautiful place and a fine setting for Bloody Scotland, the Scottish International Crime Writing Festival, which is into its seventh year.


Established in 2012 by authors Lin Anderson and Alex Gray, crime authors from all over the world appear at in the former Scottish capital, although the core is still very much homegrown.

With 14 countries represented this year, the programme included Val McDermid, Denise Mina, Irvine Welsh, Ann Cleeves, Chris Brookmyre, Mark Billingham and Peter James.  If you like crime writing, one of your favourites would more than likely be on the bill.  It isn’t just authors talking about their books though.  There’s a quiz, a musical, a play, the annual Scotland v England football match and the legendary ‘Crime at the Coo’, which features a bunch of writers performing songs and poetry in the Curly Coo bar.

The three-day event takes place from Friday-Sunday, although we were heading through on the Saturday for a two-day trip.

We hadn’t been through to the festival for a while, with this being our third time.

Saturday 22 September

We arrived at the train station to glorious sunshine (see!) and got in a taxi for the short trip up to the Hotel Colessio.  The hotel is up a hill and we didn’t fancy the walk with our bags.  (Or without to be fair).  It should have been a short trip, but I expect the driver having seen our bags thought he could take the scenic route, as it took a bit longer than expected.


Due to some unusual circumstances (I made an arse of it) we were staying in two different hotels for the two nights.  We were another 200 yards up the hill the next night, to the Stirling Highland Hotel.

As we were far too early to check in, we left our bags at reception and headed back out, getting a bite to eat before heading back to the train station for a journey to Camelon.  Despite our trip being for the book festival, we weren’t going to miss out on some football watching.

We returned from Camelon and braved the hill to the hotel.  The receptionist asked if we were celebrating something as we checked in.  “Making it up the hill” I replied.

It was soon time for our first event.

MC Beaton with Ashley Jensen, interviewed by Theresa Talbot at the Albert Halls, 19.00.


Marion Gibbons has made a career of penning romance and mystery novels since 1979.  She has written romance under several pseudonyms, although is most well known for writing under Marion Chesney.  Under MC Beaton, she wrote the popular Hamish Macbeth books and Agatha Raisin series, both adapted for TV.  Today she is talking about the latter of these, along with the show’s lead, Ashley Jensen.


Ashley Jensen is a Scottish actress most well known for her roles in Extras alongside Ricky Gervais and in the ABC show Ugly Betty.  She has appeared in Eastenders, The Bill, Casualty, Catastrophe and many others.

Interviewer Theresa Talbot is a BBC Radio Scotland presenter, best known as the voice of Traffic & Travel and as the former presenter of The Beechgrove Potting Shed.  She released a memoir before writing her first crime novel The Lost Children.

There have been 28 Agatha Raisin novels, about the PR guru turned amateur sleuth and the 81-year-old author is showing no sign of letting up.  She proved in the hour that she is still as sharp as a tack and had the audience in stitches several times.

She seems very happy with the casting of Jensen – although she admits that she looks nothing like the character, she captures her perfectly.  This is a very different feeling from the one she has about Hamish Macbeth.  “Hamish Macbeth the TV show was so different from the books. I had a rotten time with the TV company.  When they went bankrupt three years ago, I thought ‘There is a God’.”

Her admiration for Jensen is clear.  “She knows the name of everyone on that TV crew and bonds them together like a family.”

Gibbons has always been a reader, growing up before TV and spent many hours in the local library.

Jensen clearly enjoys the role, and tells the audience to “forget noir, this is ‘Cotswold Technicolor’”.


When we move on to audience questions, Gibbons tells budding authors to ‘take rejection & believe in yourself’.

There was more laughter when the pair were asked what 3 things Agatha Raisin would take to a desert island.  These included a boat, a man and her lipstick.

Gibbons has a wonderfully dry-wit and it’s hard not to like Jensen, who seems to get on with everyone.

Special mention of Talbot’s chairing skills in what was at times a difficult session to manage!

An entertaining hour.

Crime at the Coo at the Curly Coo, 21.00

A sell out every year, this is the night of the festival where crime writers take over the Curly Coo bar and perform, often in an inebriated state, to the assembled throng.

Best known as being a whisky bar, with a huge selection available, the Curly Coo is a cosy wee bar, and the ideal setting for an event such as this.

Craig Robertson is the host and he isn’t happy because there’s a lack of authors who have turned up for the beginning, although there are a few who have been performing at other events which didn’t finish until later on.

First up is Mexican author Oscar de Muriel who treats us to some fiddle playing.  Oscar writes historical crime thrillers based in Edinburgh.  I can’t confirm if any violins feature in these novels, but violence is guaranteed.


There was a bit of a delay before the next performers, with the guitar amp failing to work, but it was soon sorted. (This was to be an issue several times during the evening and praise must go to the sound woman Kirsty, who had several people shouting across the bar to her that it wasn’t working – I’m looking at you, Doug Johnstone).

The cosmopolitan theme continued as a Catalonian song was performed by Spaniard Teresa Solana, Johana Gustawsson (French) and Dr Jacky Collins (English).  They were supported by Will Carver on guitar.


Solana has had 5 of her 8 crime novels translated into English, Gustawsson has published two books in her Roy and Castells series (which have just been picked up by TV) and Dr Collins (or ‘Dr Noir’) is responsible for creating and organising the Newcastle Noir festival.

Will Carver stayed on to perform a couple of funny songs, including ‘Two Dogs in Heat’.  Carver has written 3 crime thrillers, featuring Detective Inspector January David.


Authors continued to arrive and next we had Stuart Neville on guitar for Icelandic author Lilja Sigurdardottir, who sang ‘Whisky in the Jar’.  In Icelandic.  Fellow Icelander Ragnar Jonasson held up the lyrics, thoughtfully written out phonetically, for people to join in.


Neville, from Northern Ireland, has published 8 novels.  More on the Icelanders on the Sunday.

Next up was German Simone Buchholz with Doug Johnstone on guitar.  Buchholz sang a song in German, about a heartbroken pirate.  That girl could sing!


Buchholz has written the Chas Riley series, one of which, ‘Blue Night’, has been translated into English.

Johnstone stayed on to play Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Murder on the Dance Floor’, advising that although it had taken him four years, he realised playing all the “obscure indie shite” wasn’t the way to go.  For me, I’ve enjoyed him playing early Teenage Fan club at some of his events, but maybe it’s just me and him that like it.


Johnstone’s ninth novel ‘Fault Lines’ was published earlier this year.

Then came a double from Chris Brookmyre – Warren Zevon’s ‘Mr Bad Example’, followed by the Fountains of Wayne song ‘The Girl I Can’t Forget’.


Chris Brookmyre (the author formerly known as Christopher) has published 21 novels.

Poetry was up next, with Steve Cavanagh performing some funny stuff, then Judith Williams performing some bloody stuff.


Northern Irishman Cavanagh has written the Eddie Flynn series, about an ex con-man and hustler turned lawyer.  Apologies to Judith, she was new to me!

Simone Buchholz returned, with her hair down, to sing a German sea shanty.  It really doesn’t sound it, but this was easily the sexiest performance of the night, with all the men in the room transfixed.  There may even have been some tongues hanging out at this point, although that may have been just those waiting to get served at the bar.


Englishman Mark Billingham made his first appearance, singing ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’, the song by The Charlie Daniels Band, accompanied by Stuart Neville, Oscar de Muriel and Doug Johnstone.


Billingham has written 18 crime novels, 15 of which are the Tom Thorne series.

As the time pushed on and the drinks were properly flowing, Will Carver came back on to perform ‘Joanie, the Jehovah’s Witness Stripper’ and then an incredible rap medley which began with ‘Ice Ice Baby’.


Doug then continued his new direction, playing Abba’s ‘SOS’ and then Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’, with at least four authors doing backing vocals.  Everyone in the bar seemed to be singing along to these two.  I guess Doug was right about his playlist.


The night ended with Stuart Neville on guitar as Abir Muhkerjee sang the Perry Como classic ‘And I Love You So’.


Muhkerjee is three books into his Sam Wyndham series.

Craig Robertson wrapped things up with a brief rendition of Baby Shark.  Yes really.

Others in the bar included authors Gordon Brown, Neil Broadfoot and Alexandra Sokoloff; and Orenda Books publisher Karen Sullivan.

As Lilja Sigurdardottir left, I reminded her about the virtues of coffee before her event the next day.  I doubt she will remember the conversation.

There were likely to be a few sore heads in the morning.  A good night.

Sunday 23 September

Hungover?  Me??  A bit, yes.  After lugging the bags up the hill to hotel number 2 and then getting some coffee, it was off to the first show of the day.

The Reykjavik Connections: Ragnar Jonasson, Lilja Sigurdardottir and Simon Cox interviewed by Dr Jacky Collins, at Allan Park Church, 12.45.


We ran into a remarkably bright looking Johana Gustawsson with Michael J Malone outside the church.  Turns out that Johana had been clubbing until 4 in the morning.  If she wasn’t so likeable, I’d hate her.

Icelandic crime writing is in rude health at the moment.  Established writers like Arnaldur Indridason and Yrsa Sigurdardottir have been flying the flag for many years, while Ragnar Jonasson has become an International best seller since we saw him at Bloody Scotland in 2014.  His Dark Iceland and Hidden Iceland series have proved to be big hits.

Lilja Sigurdardottir has written 6 books, with the second of her Reykjavík Noir trilogy translated into English due out later in October.

Simon Cox is from London, although has travelled extensively as a reporter for the BBC.  He has investigated tennis match fixing, ISIS financing and jihadis in Britain.  He has also written ‘The Reykjavik Confessions: The Incredible True Story of Iceland’s Most Notorious Murder Case’, which is why he is a part of today’s event.


Malone and Gustawsson sat in the couch just to the side of where we sat, and they were joined by Orenda Books’ Karen Sullivan.

This was expertly chaired by Dr Collins, keeping all 3 authors involved all the way through and linking questions.

Pretty much everyone from Iceland knows about the case in Cox’s book.  Two young men disappeared in the mid-1970s, eleven months apart. Their bodies had never been found but years later six people had been arrested and charged with their murders. There was no forensic evidence – the only “evidence” the police had were the confessions.

One of the most startling things revealed on the day was that people go missing in Iceland every year.  It’s accepted as just something that happens.  These two were different though and the cases were handled very badly and very bizarrely from the start.  It’s a fascinating story and Cox lifts the lid on the corruption, confessions which seem to have been forced, and false memories.

Ragnar Jonasson has probably done hundreds of these events by now, but still comes across as quite a shy man.  He has had great success in recent years with the “Dark Iceland” series of novels that featured rookie Detective Ari Thor.

As well as his writing, he is also a lawyer and university professor teaching Copyright Law at the Reykjavik University.  He also co-founded “Iceland Noir” the Reykjavik international crime writing festival.

He talked about how he developed a passion at a young age for crime writing and as a teenager, translated several Agatha Christie novels into his native Icelandic.

Ragnar’s ‘Hidden Iceland’ series sees a new lead character with detective Hulda Hermannsdottir taking on the starring role.  The first of the series ‘The Darkness’ has just been released in English.  The trilogy is told in reverse chronological order.

Lilja Sigurdardottir is an award-winning playwright and has written four crime novels, with “Snare”, the first in the series and the first to be published in English, becoming a bestseller worldwide.

She comes at the crime genre from a different angle to the norm.  Her writing is from the perspective of customs officers rather than detectives.  This led to Lilja telling a story about when she was trying to “smuggle” some Danish sausage into Iceland.  She knew that she wasn’t allowed to bring it in, but her family loved it.  The customs officers convinced her that one of their sniffer dogs was a meat sniffer dog and was able to detect the sausage.  It was far more likely that the dog was just hungry, but she had believed them.  The customs officers have a laugh about it every time she goes home, but she just gets waved through now.


It was impossible not to like Lilja.  Her humour and warmth had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand which was only enhanced when she talked about her love for Scotland.  “It feels like home, but just a little bit better.  The weather is similar to Iceland, but just a little bit better”.

Lilja and Ragnar talked of their translators, with Lilja saying that “they can never travel together”.

Three very entertaining authors and the hour absolutely flew past.

Another break in proceedings for us next as we headed down to Forthbank for another football match.  It was another glorious day (see!) but the stand we were in was completely in the shade as we looked onto the sun-soaked pitch and it was good to get back into the warmth outside the stadium after the game.

Carry on Sleuthing: Murder at the Knickerage, at the Golden Lion Hotel, 17.30

The final event of the weekend (along with Irvine Welsh, on at the same time at the Albert Halls).

A murder mystery starring Caro Ramsay, Michael J Malone, Douglas Skelton and Theresa Talbot.  (With special guests).

Ramsay writes the popular police procedurals, set in Glasgow, featuring DI Colin Anderson and DS Freddie Costello.  Malone is an author and poet and writes about DI Ray McBain and his friend Kenny O’Neill.  As well as his crime novels, Skelton has written several true crime books.  His crime books include the Davie McCall and Dominic Queste series’.  Another sighting of Talbot after her hosting of the MC Beaton event.


Another busy room which included Lilja Sigurdardottir, Johana Gustawsson and Simone Buchholz.

Where to start with this?  The premise is that underwear magnate Silas Bouncé is found dead and ace sleuth Letitia Luvibod (Ramsay) must track his killer down.  Malone, Skelton and Talbot appear as a variety of characters, in various ludicrous outfits.


This isn’t a play to be taken seriously.  Written by Skelton, it’s packed full of one-liners and puns, many of which could have been penned by comedian Tim Vine, and then discarded as not good enough.  I think I spent at least half of the show with my head in my hands or shaking my head at the standard of joke.  There were audible groans around the room after many of them, but these were drowned out by the laughter.

Guest appearances came from Neil Broadfoot, Alex Gray and Lin Anderson who all joined in the chaos with delight.

Malone stole the show in many different wigs and outfits and accents.  A particular highlight was his Yorkshire accent and his appearance with Anderson as ‘twins’.


The cast seemed to enjoy it just as much as the audience did and there were lots of smiling faces at the end.

The most surprising thing was that Skelton’s character wasn’t murdered due to some of the jokes.

I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by revealing that the sleuth uncovered what had happened, but not before the audience was asked who they thought had done it.  Sadly, it wasn’t the pantomime horse as one suggested, that had appeared early in the play.  (Oh no it wasn’t!).


A good way to finish the weekend.

There’s something special about Bloody Scotland.  The size of Stirling means that most of the venues are close to each other and walking about, you see a lot of the authors doing the same.  It’s pitched in a way that seems to have a relaxed feel about it, and this is embraced by the writers who seem to be happy to chat to everyone.

Contrary to the evil and nastiness in their books, they all come over as universally nice people, although there may be folks out there who would say different.


Next year, I’m going to more events.

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The Bridge (Bron/Broen) Season 4, Episode 8

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 4, Episode 8

So here it is.  The last ever episode of The Bridge.

Susanne is out looking for sisters Ida and Julia who are back to their pickpocketing ways.  They phone the police looking for Henrik to tell him about Susanne’s bag.  He isn’t there.  They leave a message to say they know who took the phone and he is to meet them in Black Square, and that it is urgent.  The women who took the call sticks a post-it on Henrik’s in-tray.

John and Barbara have been looking through CCTV footage and spotted that Kenny Rogers man was being held at gunpoint when he stole the digger and was being forced to do it.  They also tell Saga that the man who was in his van with the gun didn’t have gloves on, and they may be able to get a fingerprint.

The Bridge 4 8 4

Henrik is still trying to get used to having Astrid back, and when he asks her what she wants to do, you can see it hurts him when she says that she wants to go ‘home’, because all her stuff is there.

Saga notices the note on Henrik’s in-tray (after me shouting several times for someone to notice it, I think she might have heard me).  She races off to the square, but Ida and Julia have given up waiting.

Susanne phones Niels to ask where the sisters might be, and he tells her about them staying at Henrik’s.  She heads there and finds the girls waiting outside. They try to run, but she tasers Ida and captures them both.

Henrik takes Astrid back to the commune and to the house she shared with Frank.  Police tape is still round the house.  Astrid gets a bag and puts some of her stuff in.  She then takes Henrik to Anna’s grave.  It has “beloved daughter and beloved sister” on it.  Henrik breaks down as they get ready to leave and the two hug.

The Bridge 4 8 5

Saga arrives at Henrik’s as Susanne is about to drive off with the girls in the boot of her car.  As she speaks to Susanne, her phone rings and it’s John telling her that the fingerprints in the van were Susanne’s.  Saga pulls her gun out and turns around, but Susanne shoots her before she can fire.

The Bridge 4 8 7

Saga was wearing her bullet proof vest and while still on the ground, she shoots at the car as Susanne drives off and the car crashes.  Ida and Julia are ok, with the former receiving a broken arm and a concussion.  Okay-ish then.

Susanne is taken back to the police station for questioning and admits to Saga and Jonas that she was Stephanie when she was with Tommy.  He was going to leave Nicole to be with her.  She confesses to the murders and to shooting Henrik in the leg.  She wanted him to suffer like the others that let Tommy down and goes full Scooby Doo saying that it would have worked if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids.  (Ok, she didn’t say that exactly, but it sounded like she was going to).  She hadn’t known it was Morgan Sonning’s car that she stole, but just wanted to involve Nicole. She saw Tobias keying in the password for the key cabinet.

The Bridge 4 8 6

Saga and Jonas go with a special ops team to the house where Susanne said she kept Margrethe and find the clown mask there that was used when Leonara was visited in hospital.

Back at the police station, Jonas is telling the whole team that they have a perpetrator, material evidence and a confession, and thanks everyone for closing a major case.  He clearly doesn’t know that there is still 40 minutes to go.  He also thanks Saga and says he thinks it’s a shame she is leaving.

The Bridge 4 8 9

Jonas quickly resorts to type when he sees Lillian in the office, who was in to see the boss, and asks if she wants to stay and celebrate.  He adds the caveat “Even if it was solved under my command.” Ouch.

Henrik arrives home after dropping Astrid off at the hospital to find Saga there packing her things.  She won’t live there now that Astrid will.  She tells Henrik about the case.  He asks her if she is in a hurry to go and if she wants to stay for a while.  Blunt as ever, Saga asks if he want to have s*x. He does.

Just as Jonas is about to do the press conference about the solving of the murder, the boss comes and tells him Lillian will be doing it, and that he and Jonas will be talking about the leaks.  Take THAT Jonas!

Henrik tells Saga about the things Creepy Frank did and about him having “beloved daughter” on Anna’s grave.  Saga asks if he is going to do anything stupid, like Martin did.  Henrik is cutting Frank out of a photograph he took from his house, which has Anna and Astrid in.  Saga explains to him that is what her mother did with pictures of her and her sister.  Saga goes to give Henrik her key to his flat, but he says to keep it.  (That will probably be relevant later.)

Saga is with her therapist again.  They are talking about guilt.  Saga admits that she thinks if she was more like other people, she may have seen what her sister was planning.  The therapist says that she isn’t guilty of anything.  She thinks Saga is a police officer because she feels guilty and that she doesn’t have to be a police officer.  If she lets go of all obligations and asks herself what she wants she will see what she actually wants for herself.

The Bridge 4 8 13

Henrik visits Ida and Julia in hospital and tells them he’d like to stay in touch.  Julia tells him they don’t need his help.  He gives them his business card in case they change their minds.

Saga takes her mother’s diaries to the pathologist.  They contain entries which may be names of drugs and doses and she asks him to go through her sister Jennifer’s medical records to see if they could correlate with her well-being.  After checking, he tells her that her sister’s medical history could be the result of having been administered with that dosage of those drugs.  It is therefore highly likely that her mother made her sister ill, and therefore that she did indeed have Munchausen by proxy.

After Saga receives this news she immediately phones Henrik to tell him, but he is too preoccupied with Astrid at the hospital and tells her they will talk later.

Saga goes to prison to visit Elsa, the woman who stabbed her there, in the neck, in episode one.  Elsa had recognised Susanne’s picture in the paper and tells Saga that she had come to the prison and had told Elsa to decapitate her.  If she didn’t, they would kill her daughter, whom she showed photos of to Elsa.  Saga picks up on the “they” part and asks for the photos Susanne gave her.  Saga gives John and Barbara the pictures of Elsa’s daughter and asks them to find out where and when they were taken.

She also gets Barbara to confirm times on CCTV images then heads off to speak to Niels.  After he confirms that he was with Susanne on the morning of his wife’s death and that the times were correct on the pictures, which showed him with Susanne that morning, Saga drives from where Niels and Susanne had been, to the gay bar and realises that Susanne couldn’t have got there in time to pick up Margrethe.

Saga then goes to Tobias’ garage and asks him to check if Susanne had been a customer just before Sonning’s car had disappeared.  She hadn’t.

Back at the police station, Saga tells Lillian, Barbara and John what she has discovered, and that Susanne couldn’t have acted alone.

Henrik tells Astrid that he went to see creepy Frank to try and understand more.  Astrid tells him that Frank had become like a father.  Astrid tells Henrik that she wouldn’t want to see Frank when he gets out of prison as “you’re my father”.  Awwww.

The Bridge 4 8 14

Kevin/Brian turns up at Henrik’s door with a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne to celebrate the return of Astrid.  (More shouting at the TV – Don’t let him in!)  Henrik lets him in.

The Bridge 4 8 11

John phones Saga to tell her about the photographs she got from Elsa.  He says that the photos were taken through a fence.  They have checked out the fence and it isn’t high, so it would be easy for someone to take a picture over it, unless it was a child.  Or a wheelchair user.  Ding ding ding!

As Henrik is opening the champagne, Kevin/Brian stands up from his wheelchair and knocks him out.  Saga is trying to phone the unconscious Henrik and Astrid comes into the room to answer the phone.  Saga phones for backup.

Kevin/Brian has Astrid tied to a chair and Henrik tied up on the floor.  He tells Henrik that he misses his dad every day and that his back is healed.  Kevin/Brian prepares to shoot Astrid but pauses as Henrik refuses to watch.

Saga arrives outside, and Lillian tells her to wait for back-up.  Kevin/Brian shoots Astrid in the leg and tells Henrik he will continue to maim her until he watches.  As Henrik turns away again he hears a shot, but it’s Saga, who has shot Kevin/Brian right through the eye.  There’s why she got to keep the key to his house!

Saga goes to visit Henrik in hospital, who seems to have a bed there, despite just being hit on the head.  He tells Saga he’d like her to come home to meet Astrid.  Saga says it will need to wait as she is going away for a while to do what she wants, although she doesn’t know what that is yet.

Henrik says that he told Kevin/Brian that he “needed Saga more than she needed him, but that’s not true is it?”  Saga agrees.  He tells her to get in touch when she comes back.

Saga takes out her mum’s belongings from her lock-up and burns them.  Then we see her in the Porsche, driving across the bridge.  She stops half way across and gets out.  Is she going to jump?  The theme tune comes in as she looks out across the water.  She takes out her police badge and throws it into the sea.  As she gets back in the car, her phone rings.  “Saga Noren” she answers.  The first time that she has answered her phone without her name being followed by “Länskrim Malmö”.

The Bridge 4 8 12

Fittingly, we finish with shots of the glorious Oresund Bridge.  Saga stopped in the middle when the theme song started.  The final line of the song “And everything goes back to the beginning” particularly apt, as series one began with the body in the middle of the bridge.

The Bridge 4 8 10

And that’s it.  Twitter seemed to think this was a great ending and that there was relief all round that all the main characters survived.  Although I seem to be in a minority of one, I don’t agree.

One of the great things about Nordic Noir is always the complete disregard for happy endings.  Nobody is safe from being bumped off and very few end in a contented state.  The ending felt a lot more Hollywood than we are used to.

Although there had been some pretty horrific deaths throughout, everyone that was key survived.  Lillian seemed to be at the beginning of a new relationship with the prosecutor.  John and Barbara seemed very happy together.  Saga seemed to have conquered her demons and had got closure on her sister’s death and is ready for a life without pressure, doing what she wants to do.  Henrik has been reunited with his daughter, whom he had given up on, and she seems to be ready to accept his role as her father.  Of course, all round bad egg Jonas also got his comeuppance.  As well as the two protagonists being caught or killed.  I half expected Martin to get out of prison too.

I had felt that either Henrik or Saga would die, and that would seem to have been more fitting with the general feel of the programme.

The ending was beautifully shot and acted, but it didn’t fit for me.

A lot of loose ends were tied up in the final episode, but there were still a lot of unanswered questions (more about this in the issues section below.)

As I have said before, I don’t think this series stood up to the excellence of the other three, but the acting, cinematography and much of the dialogue were still superb (and it was still better than almost everything else on TV).

What now for Saga?  I imagine her opening a coffee shop somewhere and telling people they are too fat to have cake.

It’s all subjective and I know many adored series 4, but as always, this is just my view.  I’ll miss Saga and co.


  • Given that the Danish police office operates a hot-desk policy, would that have been the desk Henrik would be sitting at that the message was put on? I guess they probably just carry their trays around.
  • Interesting to see the “no urgency” protocol with the passing on of messages in the office. Even when they say it is urgent.
  • Wouldn’t you tell someone else about the call?
  • The final episode and Saga calls someone else “odd”!
  • Saga also saying “great work” to John and Barbara shows how far she has come.
  • How did Susanne find out where Henrik lived?
  • I don’t think that is how Tasers work. You can’t be holding onto someone when you use it (like Susanne was) as you would get the electric shock too.
  • Pretty sure we all knew Saga was wearing her vest.
  • There’s no way Susanne’s car would have done that with the speed she was going.
  • Neighbourhood watch is incredibly poor in Scandinavia.
  • All that stuff about the number for the key cabinet at the garage and Susanne just saw Tobias typing it in.
  • How did Susanne get access to the dark net? Is it that easy?
  • Yes Jonas, it’s a shame Saga is leaving. Especially since she was the one who solved the crime.
  • After all they did, I wouldn’t have given Julia and Ida my business card. And the only chance Henrik will hear from them is if they are in trouble.  Which is likely.
  • When Saga phoned Henrik to tell him about her mother, that was pretty much the first time she has ever said “bye” on a phone call, and Henrik had already hung up.
  • I wonder how many people thought that Saga was going to the prison to see Martin. Nice teasing by the writers.
  • Imagine all the crimes going unsolved in Sweden with Saga in Denmark all this time.
  • We need to talk about Kevin.
  • Apparently, when Astrid said ‘you’re my father’ to Henrik, she spoke in Danish to him for the first time. Lost at the time on those of us who don’t speak the languages, but nice touch writers.
  • Kevin/Brian shut the blinds after he knocked out Henrik. Given that nobody ever seems to see anything happening, this was probably superfluous.
  • That’s one in the eye for Kevin/Brian.
  • Never trust a Manchester United supporter.
  • That whole experience isn’t exactly going to speed up Astrid’s settling in at Henrik’s.
  • Why was Henrik in hospital at the end?
  • In seasons 1 and 3, the killer becomes known to the viewer in the dying seconds of the penultimate episode. In seasons 2 and 4, the police close the case, celebrate, then Saga realises it’s not over.  If there was to be another season, I think we could guess how it would go.
  • So it seems Jonas was the one providing the leaks, but why?
  • What did happen to Linn’s kids?
  • What happened to Rasmus?
  • Why did Saga put so much stall in what the therapist said to her?
  • Will Christoffer be locked up for manslaughter?
  • It looks like we will never find out who killed Gertrud at the end of season 2.
  • So, back to the beginning?
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The Bridge (Bron/Broen) – Season 4, Episode 7

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) – Season 4, Episode 7

Penultimate episode alert!

Sofie is worried about Christoffer as he isn’t answering his phone and there is no sign of him.  Creepy Frank is comforting her, while knowing full well where he is.  He has locked him in a room in a water tower, which proved to be the easiest escape room ever, as Christoffer made his way out pretty quickly.  He made his way back to the compound and stole the white witch’s car and drove off.

But what of Henrik?  The previous episode ended with it looking as if he had been shot after finding the body of Moyo’s wife.  Like Saga’s stabbing earlier in the series, it was quickly glossed over.  He’d been shot, but in the leg and would soon be out of hospital using a stick.

Saga and Jonas interview Moyo, who explains that he let Tommy down by not being there for him when he was looking for an escape from William.  He tells them that he told Tommy’s mother, Solveig, at the funeral. Moyo confirms that Tommy had a mistress but doesn’t know who she is.

Despite things not looking good for Solveig, who is still in police custody, she still refuses to be of any help, even speaking to Jonas in a way you would imagine him using.

The Bridge 4 7 2

Christoffer has made his way to the police and is telling Linn and Saga that he killed cabbie Dan and that creepy Frank had helped him and his mum and then “went all psycho”.  He says that Frank lives there with his daughter Astrid.  Saga asks if she has a sister and Christoffer says he thinks she did, as he saw her speaking Danish by a grave.  The name on the grave was ‘Anna’ Ding ding ding ding!

Saga heads to IT guru John’s house, as he isn’t at work and bursts in to discover Danish IT guru Barbara there.  Saga asks John to age the picture she has of Astrid by 8 years.  Saga takes them both into work, so he can do it.  (That’s age the picture, not ‘do’ Barbara.)

The Bridge 4 7 1

The police have discovered that Douglas Krabbe, who was the man shot at the end of the previous episode, had made lots of calls to Niels, so Saga and Jonas go to speak to him.  Douglas was a private detective that Niels had hired to look into his wife’s death, hoping he could find out more than the police.  He went to his office and he wasn’t there.

Saga and Jonas head to Douglas’ office with information provided by Niels that Douglas had found.  Saga realises some of the information must have come from the police.  Jonas discovers some blood in the office.

Christoffer confirms that the aged photograph of Henrik’s child is indeed ‘Astrid.’  Saga goes to the hospital to tell Henrik.  She says she knows where she is and informs him that Anna is dead.

Creepy Frank is on the war path and before punching one of the residents in the commune, he goes home to discover Sofie about to phone the police to report Christoffer as missing.  He throws her phone across the room and says everything is going to hell and it is her fault.  I warned you about him Sofie!

Sofie leaves to look for her son, but Frank goes after her and is ranting at her when the white witch appears.  She takes Sofie away as Frank continues to rant, before going back into his house.  The police are watching and are in place to breach the house.  He takes out his shotgun and is about to shoot Astrid.

Frank is telling Astrid that her mother wanted to leave him after all he did for her (he had told her that her parents died in a plane crash).  With Henrik and Saga watching, special ops go in.  Astrid manages to get away and the police manage to stop Frank shooting himself.  Henrik and Astrid hug outside.

The Bridge 4 7 3

Everyone gives Saga a round of applause when she returns to the police station, but she wants to get on with the investigation.  Solveig’s camper had been in Sweden at the time of the murders of twin Patrik and William’s daughter and she was at the police station when Moyo’s wife was killed.  She was the only person Moyo told about him letting Tommy down, but she won’t say who she told.

The Bridge 4 7 5

Investigator Douglas Krabbe’s computer unearthed that he was very interested in Silas, the Kenny Rogers lookalike from the gay bar.

Lillian has been out for a meal with the prosecutor.  She tells him that she doesn’t want to get close until the investigation is over as the killer/s are targeting people close to those who let Tommy down, and that she is one of those people.  She doesn’t want anyone to think that he matters to her.

We later see Lillian getting flowers delivered to her home.  When she opens the basket, the decapitated head of Hans is in it.  Saga goes to the scene then visits Hans grave to find it all dug up.

After the shock that Lillian had, she is going to take some time off and a new person is to head the investigation.  That new person is Jonas.  What?!?!?

The Bridge 4 7 6

Saga has discovered that Kenny Rogers had a brother, Jakob, who was part of the KG gang that was wiped out by William’s gang.  They will bring him in for questioning.  Saga and Henrik go to the gay bar, but Kenny Rogers hasn’t been there for a few days.

Typical Saga when IT man John was telling her how he cared about her.

The Bridge 4 7 11

IT woman Barbara has unearthed CCTV footage of Kenny Rogers going to the place where the digger was, which was used to dig up Hans’ grave.  A warrant is issued in Sweden and Denmark for his arrest.

After Astrid tells Henrik that Anna had become ill and creepy Frank didn’t like going to the hospital, and she got worse and died, Henrik decides he wants to speak to Frank.  Linn says she can’t allow it, but eventually concedes.

The Bridge 4 7 9

Frank tells Henrik that he took the family on an outing and when his wife wanted to go home, things “became fraught” and she had a bad fall.  He told the girls that she had gone home to get Henrik.  He then told them they had both died in a car crash.

Saga’s therapist tells her that she should try and find occasions where she goes against what she feels is the right thing to do (because of procedure or whatever) and instead try to do the right thing (what she feels would be right).  That’s going to go well.  She enlists the help of the pathologist and they go and requisition Hans’ head.  This includes Saga forging Lillian’s signature.  She takes the head and reunites it with the body.  She tells Lillian, who thanks her.

The police have found the van that Kenny Rogers was in when he went to the place where the diggers were.  Special ops move in and find Kenny dead in the van, along with (I think) Douglas the investigator.

Kevin/Brian turns up in his wheelchair to pick Henrik up to go to the Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  Henrik says he isn’t going as Astrid has been found.  Don’t tell him that!!

Barbara goes to see Lillian and tells her that she has checked Jonas’ phones.  He had made several calls to a prepaid phone each time there was a leak from the investigation.

Niels is with Susanne and they are taking Ida and Julia to the cinema.  On the way in the car Julia spots a metallic skeleton hanging from Susanne’s bag.  She remembers that was the bag they stole the mobile phone from – remember, the phone had been the one they gave to Taariq that made the fateful final call to Margrethe.  The girls get the car to stop then make a run for it.  Susanne looks at the bag and seems to know what they saw.

The Bridge 4 7 7

One episode left!  I’m really going to miss these characters, but this may be a Bridge Too Far.


  • Just like that, Henrik is shot, but is quickly fine. A bit of a let down after the cliff-hanger of the previous week.
  • Jonas charming as ever telling Saga that Henrik is fine and it’s her that they want to kill, not him.
  • You really don’t want Saga to break bad news. Moyo asking if his wife suffered is met with “If her neck didn’t break, she was strangled.  It takes time.”
  • When Henrik went to Moyo’s house in Ystad, he should have phoned Wallander to accompany him, what with it being his turf.
  • During Frank’s ranting, it sounded like he said “fee fi fo fum” at one point.
  • That Porsche sounded amazing with Saga and Henrik heading to the commune.
  • The Frank storyline was way too obvious.
  • Those flash bangs the police used didn’t half leave a lot of smoke outside so Henrik and Astrid’s reunion was more atmospheric.
  • Did Astrid recognise Henrik? She seemed to be happy to hug him right away.
  • Marvellous parking by Solveig of her camper van.
  • Awwwww, Henrik telling Astrid that Saga is “his best friend.”
  • Would Saga really have taken the therapist’s advice about doing what she felt was right? I bet Martin wishes she’d seen the therapist earlier.
  • I was telling Lillian not to open the flower basket!
  • Did anyone else think it was the prosecutor’s head that was in the basket on first look?
  • With the head delivered to Lillian, do you think we will see Hans followed by shoulders, knees and toes?
  • Although a horrible shock for Lillian, it seems that the killers couldn’t find anyone alive that she was close to.
  • After being homophobic again, Jonas actually showed a level of caring and common sense, when he told Saga to wear a bullet proof vest at all times.
  • I wonder who Julia and Ida’s stepfather is? Another red herring, or linked again?
  • I know she was young when she left, but Astrid has no recollection of her home, favourite food or anything. Hmmmm.
  • It clearly hurts Henrik when Astrid refers to creepy Frank as “Daddy” and to the commune as “home.”
  • No way would Henrik have been allowed to speak to Frank.
  • A bit out of left field hearing that Linn ‘had’ children. What happened there then?  It does explain why she is so miserable all the time though.
  • Frank told Henrik he never hurt the girls. This is the same Frank who was about to shoot Astrid when the police arrived.
  • What’s going to happen when they realise Hans’ head is missing? Would they not just go and get it back?
  • Astrid’s favourite meal when she was six was duck. That’s some diet to be on at that age.
  • How did Kevin know where Henrik lived? Is that where he took him after he picked him up from the pub?
  • A therapist job right about now would be a real money spinner.
  • So is the prime target for revenge on Henrik Saga or Astrid?
  • Great how Jonas always helps himself to condoms at the gay bar.
  • Saga seemed to accept the condoms from Jonas without question.
  • Do we believe Barbara about Jonas’ phone? Her and John’s relationship would be far too much like something good to survive.
  • Just firing squad left now.
  • Could Susanne actually be Steph?
  • Will Saga save Astrid? To her own cost?
  • I can’t imagine all of the main characters will survive the end. I’ll leave you all to your own theories of how that might go.
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The Bridge (Bron/Broen) – Season 4, Episode 6

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 4, Episode 6

With the World Cup up and running, it’s time for Denmark v Sweden.

Extremely late again as too many things going on mean I was late to the party.  Apologies to anyone watching live in eth UK who is actually reading this.

 After a week of trying to remember if someone called Tommy has been in any of the previous series, we’re about to find out.

We begin with a flashback to four years previously.   And right away, there’s Tommy meeting with Henrik.  Tommy is in gangster William’s crew and is working as his informant.  He has found out a rival gang led by a ‘KG’ has been muscling in on their turf.  William’s gang is going there that afternoon to get them to back off.  Tommy wants out of the operation and Henrik promises the police will be there.

Still in flashback, Lillian is speaking to Vibeke, the woman whose horse was gassed.  It seems she was the prosecutor involved in the case against the gang.  She states that the police will not intervene at the William gang meeting, as they do not have enough evidence yet and don’t want to blow the operation.

Tommy is also the father of Henrik’s wheelchair bound Narcotics Anonymous pal, ‘Kevin’, who was Tommy’s son Brian.  (who could still walk at this point).  This also means he is the ex of Nicole, the wife of mechanic Tobias.

 The Bridge 4 6 7

The gangster meet ended up in a gun battle in which Tommy shot and killed one of the gang, just after he was trying to contact Henrik to ask where he was.  I’ve been to meetings like that.

The links continued to be ticked off as Niels, husband of Margrethe, had been Tommy’s psychologist, and had refused to sign him off with stress.  Tommy met with journalist (and twin) Richard Dahlqvist to tell him the whole story, only for the article to list a detail about Tommy which gave away his identity to William.  He also asked his friend Moyo to be ready to pick him up when he was summoned to a meeting with his gang boss.  Moyo works at Tobias’ garage in Malmo.

Henrik realises the article in the paper will give Tommy away and they need to pull him out, but it’s too late.  Tommy is at the meeting and realises he’s been rumbled and makes a run for it.  But William and co catch up with him and he is tortured and murdered.

It was almost a full 20 minutes of flashback and then the opening credits and theme tune came in. 

The Bridge 4 6 6

Lillian advises the team that they will focus the investigation on Tommy’s family, as they have the motive.  Henrik spots the picture of Brian/Kevin and when he finds out that he was Tommy’s son he heads off to confront him.  He throws him out of his wheelchair asking if he is pretending he can’t walk.  Kevin/Brian says that he used a different name to remain anonymous at the Narcotics meetings and that he had been playing video games at home alone on the dates of the murders.

Jonas and Saga interview Nicole with Tobias in the room.  Saga is handed their baby to hold as Nicole nips to the toilet.  In typical Saga fashion she asks Tobias if Nicole needed stitches as the child is quite big.  She then proceeds to tell him that the baby can’t be his because of the colour of its eyes.  Gulp.

 The Bridge 4 6 1

Sofie tells creepy Frank that Christoffer misses his old school and wants to go back and that she knows about Dan being dead.  Frank isn’t happy and says that she is ungrateful.  He also says that it’s happened before, him helping people that didn’t care.  Sofie backs down. 

Saga and Jonas interview Niels who says that if it is someone avenging Tommy, he is responsible for his wife’s death.  Saga, tactful as ever says “Yes.  She was innocently sacrificed to get at you.”

Tobias, clearly reeling from the news about his child, phones Jonas and tells him that his wife has the code for the key cabinet at the garage and has borrowed cars before.  They pull her in for questioning and she is going mad at Saga for what she said, so Jonas interviews her alone.  She had “gone home to sleep” when supposedly in hospital, so therefore has no alibi.

Tobias goes to his brother’s house and punches him in the face.  When Morgan’s wife Malene asks what is happening, Tobias tells her to ask her husband.

Henrik is still referring to Brian as Kevin and when Saga corrects him, he has a go at her.  Their relationship, or lack of, is not going well.

 The Bridge 4 6 5

A ‘Douglas’ phones Niels and says that they need to meet.  Niels says he will try to get there that night.  As soon as the call ends, someone shoots Douglas.  He seemed to be looking at photographs of Morgan and his wife.

Saga is back on the case looking for Henrik’s daughters, as she thinks he will forgive her if she finds them.  She phones Henrik who is in the middle of having sex with a woman he picked up at a singles club.  She asks him if his wife was seeing a therapist, but he doesn’t know.  Hearing someone in the background she asks if he is having sex and he readily admits it.  They don’t hang about in Denmark!

Saga discovers that Alice, Henrik’s wife was seeing creepy Frank as her therapist, and had spotted what many of us did, that he had reacted to Henrik’s surname.  He says that he has a duty of confidentiality and couldn’t mention her.  Frank tells Saga that Alice had met another man and was thinking of leaving her husband.

They finally catch up with Solveig, Tommy’s mum, with her camper van.  She is unhelpful in her interview with Saga and Henrik and condones vigilante action in avenging Tommy.  She asks Henrik how it feels to know he is next.

Jonas is searching the camper van and finds a letter from Tommy mentioning a ‘Steph’.  Solveig refuses to help.  Henrik reveals that Malene Sonning’s daughter is called Stephanie.  Malene doesn’t know if she knew Tommy.

 The Bridge 4 6 4

Kevin/Brian meets up with Henrik and asks him what is going on.  Henrik tells him that they think the murders they are investigating are linked to his father.  Kevin/Brian says he doesn’t know a Steph, but that he should ask Moyo.

Christoffer finds creepy Frank’s creepy daughter Astrid at a gravestone speaking in Danish.  She is at her sister, Anna’s grave.  Astrid asks that he doesn’t tell anyone.  Next, we see creepy Frank knocking out Christoffer

Moyo is in for questioning and tells them that he and his wife moved to Sweden after Tommy’s death to get away from it all and that Nicole got him a job at the garage.  His wife is his alibi for the dates of the murders. 

Henrik heads off to visit Moyo’s wife Sandra while keeping Moyo at the police station.  When he gets there, the front door is open.  He finds Sandra hanging on the back of one of the doors, dead.  We see that the red flashing light is attached to someone’s head and he/she raises a gun at Henrik and a shot is fired, then the credits start!


While I adore the actors, dialogue and the character development, I can’t help feeling that this hasn’t been as good a series as the others.  I’m still enjoying it, but it seems a little thrown together.  (The writer wasn’t intending to do a series 4).  It seems hard to believe that the police have only just realised that they know all these people from a previous case.  It also seems a bit of a cheat that they have dropped a new character in that ties everything together and characters appearing who all know each other.

Parts of it all seem a bit more obvious than usual, and some of my usual wild stabs in the dark seem to be coming to fruition.

Two episodes left!


·         Flashback.  That’s new!

·         Has there ever been a longer period in a show before the opening credits?

·         Who knew that Kurt Geiger had a gang.

·         Can you get signed off with stress when you are in a gang?  “Hey William, I’m not going to be in for a while to help with the gun running as I’m signed off.”

·         How could the police not have put together earlier that Tommy was the link?  It seems they knew about all of the victims previously.

·         Amazing how William summoned Tommy to a meeting to uncover the grass and provided a buffet.

·         Was a pleasant surprise to see the return of Hans during the flashback.

·         Saga must be in serious trouble give that Henrik could easily be perceived to have also let down Tommy.

·         Saga turned down Lillian’s request that she should get protection as a bodyguard couldn’t stop a bullet and she could handle anyone up close.  What, like the mad woman in prison?

·         Nicole increasingly seems to think she is some kind of footballer’s wife, but her men have been a small-time crook and a mechanic.

·         Why would Nicole not have given the baby to her husband rather than to Saga to hold?

·         When Saga told Tobias the kid wasn’t his, Jonas looked like he was gutted.  I’m sure he would have found it hilarious given his previous persona.

·         Frank saying he had helped people before that didn’t care, that’s Henrik’s wife and daughters isn’t it?

·         Poor Douglas.  Shortest cameo ever.

·         A real blast from the past as Henrik goes off to the dating night with his ‘Find Me’ badge on.  Where he and Saga first met if I recall.

·         That singles club is amazing for getting quick results!

·         Brilliant stuff from Saga when she was clearly asked if she knew what time it was when phoning asking about Henrik’s wife, replying “yes, it’s 23.56.”

·         Julia and Ida must have something more to contribute.

·         Why does Henrik tell Kevin/Brian everything?  Particularly when he is linked to the case.

·         There have been so many clues to suggest that Astrid is one of Henrik’s daughters that she can’t possibly be anything else.

·         That was definitely the hanging that we were expecting, but ‘Douglas’ couldn’t have been the firing squad, could he?  It was just one person who shot him.

·         How does the killer know who was responsible for Tommy being tortured and killed? And that the therapist refused to help him? Seems like it would have to be someone involved in the investigation?

·         Brian/Kevin didn’t look young enough to be Tommy’s son.  Or Nicole’s.

·         Have we all decided whodunnit yet?

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The Bridge (Bron/Broen) – Season 4, Episode 5

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 4, Episode 5

So, for the first time in the series, I actually watched it when it was on BBC2.  It really should be on in the winter, when it’s much darker, like the other ones have been.

The pre-show announcer advises us that there is some bad language coming up, but that it will be in Scandinavian.  Sigh.

In the last episode, we left with Dan the cabbie having made his way into the commune to find his estranged wife Sofie, and that’s where we begin this week. 

It looks like Dan has just raped her and he leads her out by the arm and is taking her away when the white witch ambles by.  She takes a picture of him and says she will phone the police.  He leaves Sofie and tells her, in true Schwarzenegger style, that he’ll be back.

As Dan walks through the woods back to his car, he finds creepy Frank and Christoffer shooting.  Dan isn’t happy that Frank is with his son and pulls a gun on Frank.  After hitting him across the head he edges towards Christoffer who, when backing up, trips and his gun goes off, shooting Dan in the neck.  After a bit of gasping, Dan dies.  I don’t think he will be back.

Saga and Henrik are at an aquarium.  It isn’t something they are doing on their day off though, they are there to speak to a Lene Jansen who is an expert in all things marine.  The poison used to kill Leonora was a toxin from a cone snail.  They discover that it is used in medicine and the nearest facility which makes it is in Hamburg.  (Where the Sonnings, Morgan and Malene were at the time of the murder of Margrethe.)

the bridge 45 9

William admits to Jonas that he shot Dimitri’s driver and all he cares about is catching whoever killed his daughter.  He says he will kill the person who did it no matter where the police keep him.  He tells Jonas that he knows Dan when he is shown some photographs.

Malene Sonning is questioned and admits to knowing Margrethe, but not well.  When asked if she was competing with the murdered woman for the Chair of the 1.6 million club, she says that they had differing views.  She provides pictures of her and her husband in Hamburg to prove that they were there.

The people on the list Saga had made of people who knew Henrik’s wife have not shed any light and Saga tells Henrik she will have to close the case.  Does she not know this is the last season?

 The bridge 45 1

Tobias spots his wife Nicole putting car keys back into the locked box at his garage.  It would seem she has been taking cars out for a drive while they have been left there for repair.  As he “uses the same pin number for everything”, she was able to get into the keys without any trouble.  This of course means that it may have been her who had the car out that picked up Margrethe.

It’s a bit of a surprise for Henrik to see Saga eating prunes in the car and he asks if it is a craving due to pregnancy.  She quickly puts him right.

 The bridge 45 2

Henrik tells Saga that he agrees to her deal, and he will have the baby, and Saga doesn’t have to have anything to do with it.

The dead body of Dan is rolled into a river by Frank with Christoffer watching on.  Frank says not to tell his mum what happened and that he should say that he threatened the cabbie what would happen if he came back.

Wheelchair bound Kevin phones Henrik from the pub and says that he is on the verge of taking some drugs.  Henrik races to the rescue and we are treated to Kevin throwing up in a bin when he is wheeled out of the pub.  He tells Henrik about his dad who let him down endlessly and gave him his first taste of drugs at 17.  When his father died, he got more heavily into drugs and tried to fly off a balcony, which is how he ended up in a wheelchair.

The bridge 44 6

Saga is back in therapy and turns down tranquilisers to help her sleep as it wouldn’t be good for the baby.  She hadn’t told the therapist that she was pregnant.  The therapist tells Saga to make a list of people who have had a big influence on her life.

Sofie tells Christoffer that they will have to leave the commune as Dan now knows where they are.  Christoffer breaks down and tells her what happened.

We see Lillian at Hans grave and Saga also visits.  He was one of the people that was on Saga’s list.  Lillian tells Saga that she and Henrik are good for each other and thinks that Saga cares more for him than she realises.

It’s not a great day for Lillian as she gets a telling off from her boss about how the investigation is going.  He is also concerned that all the information is being leaked to the press.  Lillian asks Barbara to check up on Jonas’ phone calls to see who he has been in contact with.

Niels goes back to work for the first time since wife Margrethe was killed.  He works as a psychologist and the first meeting of the day is with the pickpockets, Ida and Julia.  They say that they want to speak to Henrik and won’t talk to him. 

Henrik is called and goes to see the girls.  They apologise for stealing his stuff and tell him they have sold the necklaces.  He is about to leave in anger when the older one, Julia, says that her sister knows who bought the phone from them, and therefore, who the murderer is.  They are taken to the station to draw up a photofit of the man she saw.  The photofit drawn up has a remarkable resemblance to Morgan Sonning.

The taxi belonging to Dan is found in the middle of nowhere and Saga and Henrik go to a nearby village to see if anyone there has seen him.  This is of course the commune.  The white witch tells them it is her village and only good people live there.  She says Dan had been there threatening Sofie but had left.  When Sofie is shown pictures of suspects, she recognises William and says she thinks he is a taxi driver.

 the bridge 45 3

Frank asks Sofie to move in with him and although she seems reticent, she agrees.  So, her and Christoffer will be moving in with creepy Frank and creepy Frank’s daughter.

Tobias and wife Nicole are throwing a party for their baby’s birthday.  Delightfully, when Malene arrives and comes through the front door, she says “banga banga”, which is translated as ‘knock knock’.  Kevin turns up in his wheelchair and says “Hello mum” to Nicole.  His grandmother (Solveig) turns up at the party, clearly not welcome, and slaps daughter Nicole’s face and calls her a slut.  Tobias ushers her out.

 the bridge 45 4

The prosecutor that Lillian was going on the aborted date with seeks her out again.  As they talk, he mentions a colleague (Vibeke) whose horse was gassed, and the owner was then sent a video of it.  The police study the video and Henrik notices that the watch seen at the start of the film is the same one as Morgan Sonning has.  When interviewed, he talks about his camera which was in the car when it was stolen and that he thought the police had it as they still have the car.

The police find a video of the twin’s execution in the hot tub in his brother’s spam folder on his computer.  It was the same camera used for the other murders.  They are now looking for a video of Margrethe’s killing.

They organise a line-up for Ida to try and identify the man who bought the phone from her.  With Morgan included, this could be the breakthrough they are looking for, but the girl begins to cry and says they made it up.  Henrik kicks them out.

Saga identifies that the killings are all to get at the people close to those killed and not targeting the actual victims.

After that good bit of work by Saga, she then changes everything by telling Henrik that she has got rid of the baby.  Henrik is livid and can’t understand Saga’s reasoning that she did it so that they can be together.  If he gets the baby, they can’t be together.  She even says that she thinks she loves him, but Henrik is too hurt and tells her to get out and they can’t be together now after what she has done, and she is not capable of love.

 the bridge 45 6

Henrik goes to the office and looks to take some drugs.  He then looks at the pictures on the evidence wall before getting a file from storage and putting a photo above all the others.  When Lillian arrives in the morning he tells her he has found a connection.  It’s Tommy.  Who?

Whenever you feel some threads are starting to come together on The Bridge, more strands spring up.  That’s one of the things that makes it so appealing, there’s always a lot going on.  I just hope they tie them all up before the end.

Three to go.


·         Even with a small amount of practice, it’s amazing how accurate Christoffer was with that gun.

·         If he’d let off a few more rounds, that could have been the decapitation taken care of.

·         Another phobia taken care of this week, with anyone with selachophobia looking through their fingers when the sharks were on screen.

·         You’d have thought a snail poison would be slow acting….

·         I’m pretty sure that aquarium wasn’t Deep Sea World at North Queensferry.

·         How did Henrik know that Malene had been competing with Margrethe in the 1.6m club?

·         Where did Saga find the time to speak to the people who knew Henrik’s wife?

·         Good to see Henrik finally telling Jonas off for his homophobia.

·         I always thought Kevin was a wrong ’un and I was right, as he is a Manchester United fan.

·         Although you’d think Sofie and Christoffer would be safer with Dan no longer around, creepy Frank and creepy Frank’s creepy daughter might be even worse.

·         Other than him being a twat, what made Lillian think that Jonas was the leak?

·         How did Ida and Julia end up at the psychologists?

·         If Ida was making it up that she knows who she sold the phone to, how come the photofit looked like Morgan?

·         Why did Henrik and Saga show Sofie photographs of the suspects?

·         Frank seemed to pause at hearing Henrik’s surname (and possibly Saga’s too) adding fuel to the possibility that Henrik’s wife was at the commune.

·         Where do you get one of those baby cakes?

·         I always thought the bunga bunga parties Silvio Berlusconi threw were a bit raunchier than the one at Tobias and Nicole’s house.

·         We already know that Nicole has silicone implants, but how much work has she had done that she is Kevin’s mum?  They look about the same age to me.

·         Kevin said to Henrik that he didn’t have anyone else he could call, yet he has a big family, including a mad gran.

·         Although Henrik recognised Morgan’s watch in the video of the horse being gassed, he never even mentioned it when interviewing him.  Something lost in translation here?

·         A bit insensitive giving wheelchair bound Kevin a foot from the baby cake.

·         Two IT experts working on the case and they never thought to look at the twin’s spam folder on his computer.

·         Does Saga love Henrik, or have the therapist and Lillian put the idea in her head?

·         The mysterious Tommy coming into it so late smacks of fabled Scottish TV drama Taggart, where the killer would often appear for the first time with about 5 minutes of the programme left.

·         Sofie’s horrific choices of men means that I might have a chance if she survives Frank.

·         I can’t believe the police are now saddled with a horse being killed too.

·         Was killing a horse a spur of the moment decision?

·         Could it be considered the mane killing of the night?

·         That’s enough horse puns.

·         Was it not obvious that Leonora was killed to target William?  Seemed to take a while to work out it was the loved ones of the victims that were being targeted.

·         When Saga took her list of foods she shouldn’t eat when pregnant off the fridge, it wasn’t clear why she did it.  We now know it was because she had got rid of the baby.

·         Why does Jonas always do his interviews on his own?

·         The killings are really ramping up, with the horse and Dan added to the list, as well as all those dead pixels.

·         I’ve no idea who ‘Tommy’ is, but I understand he’s a bit of a pinball wizard.

·         If the mysterious Tommy is the link, it would seem that Henrik is a much better cop when he’s taking drugs.

·         It feels like Saga and Henrik are racing to see who has a full blown meltdown first.

·         I think I know who is behind the murders now.  (I bet I’m wrong though.)

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The Bridge (Bron/Broen)- Season 4, Episode 4

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 4, Episode 4

After last week ended with the scariest looking clown ever seen, this week was likely to be a calm sedate affair wasn’t it?

This week begins with Taariq meeting up with Morgan Sonning, who he had phoned last week saying that they needed to meet as he knew what Sonning did.  When Taariq tells him he saw him picking up Margrethe before she was killed, Morgan says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is going to head off.  Taariq pulls out his gun and takes his wallet, phone and car.

Saga and Henrik visit the hairdresser that Taariq got the gun from.  He tells them that he had surfed the net on his laptop when he was there.  When Saga looks at the computer, she discovers he had been looking at the details of Morgan Sonning, the owner of a black Audi that lives in Copenhagen.

Saga and Henrik go to Sonning’s house, and Morgan asks if they can speak to him at the police station.  He tells them about the call from Taariq and that he went because he was curious.  On the day Margrethe was killed he says the car was at his brother’s garage in Sweden, and that he was in Hamburg with his wife.

The dad of Leonora is in hospital visiting her (we find out he is called William) and she seems to be in a coma.  The hospital is doing tests.  He gets a text message showing a video of the clown injecting his daughter.  When Aunt Sarah appears, he has her up against the wall by the throat saying that she was supposed to be watching Leonora.  She explains about the clown.  William says that she has been poisoned and that Aunt Sarah should tell the doctors to do tests for that.

William is on the warpath and goes to visit what I assume is the Demitri mentioned last week.  After shooting his driver William asks the man what he has done to his daughter.  ‘Demitri’ takes a bullet to the shoulder, but says he would be after his weapons, but not his family.  William leaves him on the tarmac.

Barbara, the Danish IT expert has discovered that Morgan’s car was near the nightclub that Margrethe was picked up.

Saga and Henrik visit the garage owned by Morgan’s brother, Tobias Johansson, in Sweden.  He states that the car was in for a service during the date of the murder.  They show him pictures of the CCTV footage of the car in Copenhagen on that date. He advises them that he is the only one who had access to the keys.  He wasn’t at the garage on the date in question.  Morgan was the only other person with a spare set of keys.

We see a suave looking gentleman stopping at the Border on the Bridge in his car driving to Sweden.  Hang on!  That’s Taariq!  He has shaved his beard off and cut his hair.  When his credentials don’t check out, he takes the border guard hostage.  Saga and Henrik arrive to try and talk him down.  Taariq is desperate.  He knows he will be killed if he is deported.  Henrik tells him that he will be able to stay in Sweden and all will be fine, but Saga can’t lie and tells him he’d go to prison for 5 years then be deported.  Taariq turns the gun on himself and shoots himself through the mouth.

The bridge 44 3

One of the mechanics at the garage is admiring Saga’s porsche, and we discover that she won it in a bet with someone at the Police College who went on to become the police commissioner in Stockholm.

 The bridge 44 4

The white witch of the commune tells creepy Frank that Christoffer and Sofie need to be reminded of what is expected of them after the man who was hit over the head last week complains that it was bound to be Christoffer that did it.  Frank thinks the best way to do this is to teach Christoffer how to shoot.

We find out that Morgan’s wife, Malene set up the 1.6 million club, an organisation which promotes medical research on women’s health.  The murdered Margrethe was a member.

Tobias and his wife Nicole and baby are visiting Morgan and wife Malene.  When Tobias’ wife asks Malene if she knew the murdered woman, she says just in passing.  Seems that Margrethe had tried to get her fired though. 

William receives another message on his phone saying the poison injected into Leonora is lethal in four hours but there is an antidote.  He tells a doctor this and that she needs to identify what it is.  He races off in his car with his henchman and pays a ransom that he got from the message and a drone is flown in with the antidote attached.

Niels is burning all his wife’s personal items, saying he doesn’t need them to remember Margrethe.

Jonas gets some out of the office work for a change and goes with Saga to interview the Sonnings.  Hands up who doesn’t think this will go well.  There’s a great exchange in the lift where Saga asks if he wants small talk or not.  When they get there, Saga looks like she is at the beginning of another anxiety attack, but manages to rein it in.

The bridge 44 2

The Sonnings tell them about their trip to Hamburg when the murder took place.  They didn’t spend anything on credit cards and didn’t take their mobile phones with them (which they never take on holiday).

The doctor at the hospital is explaining to Aunt Sarah that Leonora hasn’t been poisoned but has had painkillers and sedatives injected into her.  She has started reacting well to treatment and is out of danger.  As this is happening, William races in and injects the antidote into her.  But it isn’t an antidote, it’s actually poison, and he can only watch as his daughter dies in front of him after a fit.

Creepy Frank’s creepy daughter (who we discover is called Astrid) admits to Christoffer that it was her who hit the man in the commune (Theo) over the head.  Only she doesn’t exactly do that, as she says it was ‘Agnes’, one of the people she dresses up as.

Lillian is off on a date, her first since Hans dies two years earlier.  She can’t go through with it though and we see her watching her wedding video later and breaking down. 

Henrik and Saga go to his flat and find that the girls, Ida and Julia, have gone and they have taken everything, including Henrik’s cherished necklaces of his daughters.  I’m guessing he doesn’t remember what he said to them in his note.

The bridge 44 8

Saga, tactful as ever asks if Henrik is still making dinner and when he says no, she says she will leave then as she needs to think about a few things. She reiterates that she is having an abortion and says that he just wants to replace his daughters.  Things are not going well between the two.

Henrik goes out in his car and sees the manifestations of his daughters in the back of his car, with one saying that he will “look for them, but not for us”.  He buys some drugs from the man I thought we wouldn’t see again, his dealer from season 3 with the worst haircut in Europe.

The bridge 44 5

He is in his flat considering taking the drugs when Saga returns.  She says that she will have the child and give it to him and he has sole custody, with her having nothing to do with it.  They can still sometimes have sex.  (That’s her and Henrik, not her and the baby).  She says for him to think it over and then is about to leave but stays when Henrik says he could do with some company.

Morgan’s wife Marlene points out to him that his brother and his wife both have blue eyes and the baby’s are brown, meaning that Tobias isn’t the father.

Saga and Henrik go to visit William in hospital, who had collapsed after his daughter died.  They take his phone with the video of the clown on.  Henrik opines that as Patrik was a clown at the same hospital, maybe he was the intended victim in the jacuzzi and not his brother.

Dan the cabbie follows creepy Frank back to the commune and sneaks into his wife’s house when Christoffer goes off shooting with Frank again.

Saga works out that the three killings so far, stoning, electrocution and poisoning are all execution methods used to carry out death sentences.  There are seven, with the others being firing squad, hanging, gas chamber and (gulp) decapitation.

 The bridge 44 7

It’s all turning a bit Se7en.  


 ·         An IT expert from Sweden and another from Denmark, and Saga can pinpoint in 5 seconds exactly what Taariq had been looking at on the hairdresser’s laptop.

·         Typical Saga as Morgan tried to tell his wife about the mugging, and Saga launches straight into questions about where he was when Margrethe was killed. As he tries to explain to his wife what happened, Saga launches straight into questions about where he was when Margrethe was killed.

·         When Aunt Sarah was telling William about the clown, she never mentioned being tasered.  You’d think that would have been the first thing she said.

·         I imagine Taariq didn’t go back to his friend’s hairdresser for his shave and haircut.  Some friend he is.

·         I wonder what David Leander, Saga’s Police College betting partner would have won if he won the bet?

·         Brilliant how Saga gets a call from Lillian and despite seeing who it is, still answers “Saga Noren, Malmo CID.”

·         I’m not sure what Henrik thought was going to happen when he said to Taariq at the border “Hey Taariq, I’m here now”.  “Oh ok, then, here’s my gun Henrik, sorry for all the trouble.”

·         Did Taariq kill himself when he realised he wasted all those years with a stupid haircut?

·         Not sure you should send Saga into a hostage situation when she’s incapable of lying.

·         Also not sure how Taariq knew to ask Saga if it was a lie.

·         It’s amazing that nobody has thought before of teaching unruly children how to shoot guns to get them back on the straight and narrow.

·         Jonas showing some empathy at last when telling Henrik it was the wrong decision to release Taariq and that he understands why Henrik isn’t feeling good about it.

·         Why did Morgan Sonning change his surname from Johansson?

·         Another actual joke!  Tobias’ wife saying that the baby is constantly at her boobs which means her husband doesn’t get to play with them anymore!

·         Morgan is the baby’s father isn’t he?

·         Tobias said he was at the hospital on the day of the murder with his son.  Same hospital as Leonora perhaps?

·         Don’t burn Margrethe’s diary Niels!  There might be clues in there!  (more likely evidence about something dodgy he did.)

·         Trying to decide between the consequences of small talk with Saga, with the options of prison or having your leg blown off was a new high for Jonas.

·         Who doesn’t take their mobile on holiday??  That could easily result in having to speak to your partner, and nobody wants that.

·         William’s race against time to get the antidote was starting to feel a bit ‘Challenge Anneka’, although she at least had a helicopter.

·         The giver of the ‘antidote’ must have given the four-hour deadline as they knew how long it would take for the hospital to discover what was actually wrong with Leonora, so someone familiar with hospital practices?

·         Someone really doesn’t like William that they put him through all that.

·         Although he does get a lot done in four hours.

·         I take it ‘truth or consequence’ is a Scandi version of truth or dare.

·         Saga’s therapy sessions are hard to watch.

·         With Saga unable to lie, you wouldn’t want to ask her if your bum looked big in this.

·         Note to self.  If you are going out on a first date and are nervous, don’t speak to Saga first.

·         Saga not understanding how Lillian hadn’t been having XXX for two years was cracking stuff.  It’s obvious Saga has never been married.

·         Kevin, the man in the wheelchair, phoning Henrik to ask if he was ok after missing the drug rehab meeting, saying that he missed him, means that he is in full stalker mode now.

·         Bit inappropriate Henrik putting ‘hugs’ on the end of the note to the girls.

·         In an episode where we found out loads of people’s names that we didn’t know before, it’s incredible that we still don’t know the pathologist’s name.

·         Are we going to have to deal with one of our heroes’ heads in a box at the end?

·         Henrik looks like he is heading for a breakdown.  Blaming himself for the death of Taariq and then losing the necklaces.

·         A very dark episode.

·         That Porsche is even more legendary now.

·         I currently have two possible theories for the murders, but I’m probably miles off.

·         If it was two episodes a week, it would be finished now.

·         Half way through!

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The Bridge (Bron/Broen) – Season 4, Episode 3

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 4, Episode 3

Were you all sitting comfortably?  Don’t worry, The Bridge will soon change all that. 

In what is becoming an incredibly late review every week (showing it on Friday night is really messing things up) anyone reading this has probably forgotten most of what happened last week.

We begin this week with Dan the cabbie driving across the iconic bridge in a van.  Once across the other side, what looks like a black range rover pulls in front of him so that he has to stop.  Men with masks and machine guns get out and one has a birthmark right between his eyes.  They take something from his van as they get him to kneel down in the road before driving off. 

The bridge 43 1

We join Saga in therapy.  (Yes really).  She announces that she has post traumatic stress disorder and gives a potted history of some of the major issues in her life.  “my mum had Munchausen’s and almost killed my sister, who then killed herself at 14 and I got my parents sent to prison. My friend Martin too.  My mum killed herself, framing me. I was in jail a year and recently stabbed in the neck”.  The therapist replies – “Looks like we have a bit to work with”.  Hahahahahahahahahaha.

 The bridge 43 2

Saga and Henrik go to visit the surviving twin and find him demolishing the hot tub which his brother died in.  Saga quickly sees through his story about being kidnapped by Red October, who he says didn’t kill his brother.  He is Red October and invented them to enhance his journalistic career.  Wasting police time anyone?

Our pickpocketing friends are up to their usual tricks again, but this time the one feigning injury isn’t actually pretending, as she is hit by a bicycle as she sets off to do her dying swan routine.  With us finding out last week that one of the pickpockets was called ‘Ida’, we discover the other is ‘Julia’.  Julia, the younger one, was the one hit by the bike and when she goes for treatment in hospital with her sister, the Swedish police arrive and inform them they are wanted in Denmark.

 The bridge 43 7.jpg.

CCTV footage from near the club which Margrethe had been at reveals several black cars, one of which may have picked her up after she left the club.  Taariq isn’t interested in helping identify any of them as he asks why he should help when he is going to be deported.

Saga phone Niels, husband of the murdered woman and asks if he knew Patrik.  He says he didn’t, then we see him looking at photographs of him post call.  Liar!

The commune run by the white witch are welcoming Christoffer and Sofie.  One of the residents says that a camera and laptop have been stolen from his house. 

Leonora Ramberg, the child in hospital is with her Dad, who says he must go to work and Aunt Sarah will come to keep her company. We discover what his so-called work is pretty quickly, when he visits Dan in his cab, along with his muscle (who is strangling Dan from the back seat).  The Dad is saying that there has been a leak and that is how the stuff was taken from the van Dan was driving.  When Dan tells them about the birthmark, they seem to know who that is. 

Taariq confirms to the police that the pickpockets they now have in custody are the ones he got the mobile phone from. It seems that he is more willing to be helpful when it comes to getting suspicion away from him about a murder.

The pickpockets confirm they gave the phone to Taariq but say they don’t know who it came from.  They also say that they have sold everything they stole.  Saga, when interviewing Julia is her usual tactful self when guessing her age.

The bridge 43 3.jpg

Sofie finds the missing laptop and camera in a drawer in her house, but Christoffer says it wasn’t him that stole them.  She goes to creepy Frank with them and he says he will sort it out.

The sick girl’s father and his crony are seen taking birthmark man into a garage with his hands tied.  He claims not to know who provided the information, but ‘Demitri’ had told them where to find whatever they stole from Dan.  He gives them the case then the Dad shoots him.

Saga solves her issue with flexible working in Denmark by bringing in her own desk to the office.  She says nobody can have a problem with it because it is Danish and not part of the flexible office.

With Danish social services unable to house the pickpockets that night, they are to be kept in a cell overnight.  They are freaking out when about to be placed into them.  Henrik takes them to his house to stay for the night.

Our old favourite Linn gives Saga boxes of her mother’s possessions.  Saga takes them to a lock-up and is about to leave when she decides to have a look inside.  She discovers lots of photographs of her and her sister, with her head cut off in all of them.

Creepy Frank’s creepy daughter is making friends with Christoffer and showing him her costumes.  She has created a back story for each one and has even written the stories into a book.  I’m guessing there isn’t much to do in the commune.  We later see her in one of the costumes hitting a man over the head.  He was the one who had his camera and laptop stolen (and had told Frank that he was sure it was Christoffer who had stolen them.)

Saga arrives at Henrik’s flat and is surprised to find the girls there.  When asked if she lives with him, Saga advises in her usual inimitable style “Until I find my own place.  We have sex sometimes”. 

When she gets a moment alone with Henrik she says that he could have them DNA tested to see if they are his daughters.  Henrik says that they aren’t as they would have recognised each other.

Henrik wakes up the next day unable to breathe, with the manifestations of his daughters sitting on his chest.  I had no idea manifestations would be so heavy.  He takes the girls to Social Services with Saga and when he returns to the car, she advises him that she is pregnant, and she is going to get rid of it.  After confirming it is his baby, he asks if he gets a say in it.  “Not in the eyes of the law” Saga retorts.  When she asks if he wants it, he says he isn’t sure. 

The bridge 43 8

Henrik and Saga go to the place where the girls had been sleeping rough and discover a bag with their stolen booty.  This also includes the driving licence of Susanne, the secretary of Niels, the murdered woman’s husband.

Upon interviewing Susanne, she states that she had lost her wallet and reported it when it happened.  This proves to be the case.  She didn’t report that a phone had been stolen and forensics suggest it wasn’t hers.

Henrik is driving Taariq to the detention centre.  When he stops at traffic lights, he tells Taariq to run for it.  He doesn’t need asking twice.  It’s all been a ruse though and the police have placed a tracker in his watch. 

Taariq heads to a hairdresser, sadly not to get a haircut, but to get a gun from salon owner Reza Frank.  When he doesn’t have enough money to buy it, he also gives his watch.  Oh.  Taariq going to a hairdresser gives Jonas the opportunity to be homophobic again.

The bridge 43 6.jpg

When Saga and Henrik return to his flat, the girls are at the front door waiting after running away from social services.  Henrik agrees that they can stay the night which prompts Saga into saying she will go to a hotel.  When Henrik says they need to talk about the baby Saga tells him they have plenty of time to do that.

The police are staking out the hairdressers and of course Reza Frank is wearing the watch when they see that the tracker is moving.  They intercept him.

Taariq calls a ‘Morgan Sonning’ and tells him he knows what he did, and they need to meet.  The driver of the black car perhaps?

Aunt Sarah phones the bad dad from the hospital to say that Leonora can go home the next week.  As she speaks, she sees a clown heading to the child’s room and says that he can’t go in as she is terrified of clowns.  The clown tasers her then goes into the room and we see he has a camera attached to the mask with a flashing red light, like the one we saw before the hot tub electrocuted the twin.

The bridge 43 5.jpg


·         How quiet are the roads in Scandinavia?  Dan was stopped and men in machine guns held him up and later he was almost strangled in his taxi from behind on a main road.

·         The mental health services in Sweden are impressive with Saga getting an appointment to see a therapist so quickly.

·         God help that therapist.  She’ll need one of her own after listening to Saga’s problems!

·         The therapist is going to have to order a lot more of those pads she was writing on.

·         This Hunt for Red October seemed a lot easier than the one Sean Connery had.

·         I wonder if the pickpockets got their idea for pretending to be hurt from watching Cristiano Ronaldo play football.

·         Leonora Ramberg is clearly seriously unwell.  Who would pick a green lollipop over a red one?

·         Not a great week for Dan.

·         A male cop would never have got away with guessing Julia’s age by mentioning she was developing breasts.

·         Although Christoffer seems to have a history of stealing, I’m betting it wasn’t him that put the laptop and camera in his house.

·         Who did though? And why?

·         Henrik telling the pickpockets about his missing daughters will probably mean they will pretend to be them, so that they can stay with him.

·         If they were his daughters, would they not recognise the house?

·         How on earth would Henrik be allowed to take the girls home with him?

·         What else does Saga keep in that lock-up?

·         Maybe Saga’s mother cut her head out of all the pictures because she was making a lovely Saga collage.  Ok, maybe not.

·         Frank’s daughter doesn’t need to dress up to scare the bejesus out of me.

·         I said that Saga might be pregnant!  Unusual for me to get anything right in The Bridge.

·         Jonas was quiet this week but didn’t endear himself to anyone with what he did say.

·         You just knew the kids would be on Henrik’s doorstep.

·         Given Nordic Noir’s propensity to avoid happy endings, will Saga decide to keep the baby then lose it?

·         That was one scary ass looking clown.

·         If you weren’t scared of clowns before, you probably are now.

·         Are hospital clowns really a thing in Scandinavia?

·         Seems to be some feelings between the two IT experts John and Barbara. 

·         I still don’t think the girls are Henrik’s missing children.

·         How Saga is still functioning at all with all that’s happened to her is quite remarkable.

·         Taariq’s attempt to blackmail (or kill?) Morgan Sonning is going to go wrong isn’t it.

·         I’m guessing Richard the twin’s career in journalism is over now (if it is indeed him) after his Red October stunt.

·         Is Niels unaware that nobody has actual photographs anymore?

·         At this stage, I think there are about 20 suspects.  The most outlandish I can think of is that Henrik’s daughters feel he has abandoned looking for them so are committing murders to get his attention.  You never know!

·         I still need more than one episode a week.

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