A football fan at the egg-chasing

A Football Fan at the Egg-chasing


With the football season coming to an end, I spot that a match is going to be taking place in Edinburgh at Murrayfield on 28 May between Leicester and a team that seems to be called Connor.

Arriving at the ground after my first shot on the Edinburgh tram system, which they finally completed in 2014 after building began in 1976, there seems to be quite a few people milling around.


Upon entering the stadium grounds, they appear to be selling beer.  I had no idea that this restriction had been lifted.  It’s also unclear where they are selling the pies and Bovril, as the vans are selling such monstrosities as “Coffee and cake” and “Tomintoul Venison”.


There seems to be quite a few Irish accents around, so I suppose Connor could be from there.

There are 34,550 in the over 67,000 capacity stadium to greet the teams who come out to fireworks and the roars of the crowd.  I’m disappointed to see no sign of Vardy, Kante or Mahrez in the Leicester team.  Both sides look like they have been overdoing things a bit since the league season finished as a lot of them look quite heavy.


It’s clear straight from kick off that long ball is going to be the tactic of the day, but the big surprise is that the referee misses a blatant handball almost immediately.  This seems to encourage others to chance their arm (or indeed, hand).  In the worst refereeing display I have ever seen, he goes on to miss countless handballs, takes no action against obvious diving and there are several foul throws. 

Don’t even get me started on the tackling.  Some of it is waist high!  I’m guessing that many of the players decided that the ref turning a blind eye to the endless handling meant they could play fast and loose with the tackling.  I can’t believe how so many people are getting angry with my “handball” shouts.  We’ve only been playing 5 minutes!


One of the Connor players has a chance in 13 minutes when he runs forward into the box (the markings of which can’t be seen from where I am sitting) but he runs the ball out wide of the posts and the chance is gone.  The markings on the pitch aren’t the only problem, as there seems to be no nets in the goals, and the specifications for the posts seem to have gone very wrong with the posts going on well after the bar.

Very soon after this, a penalty is given to Connor, which could have been for anything given the amount of misdemeanours on the pitch.  In keeping with the standard so far, the player steps up and send his kick high over the bar.  Leicester were so confident he would miss that they didn’t even put a keeper in goals. 

By this time, we have spotted that both teams have more than the requisite 11 on the pitch, yet another of the referee’s mistakes.  Although the numbers on the backs of teams nowadays can be anything, both sides having players on numbered 1-15 should be a giveaway.

Another opportunity comes for Connor in 22 minutes when a player receives the ball on the right wing and finally, someone showing some proper skill and a bit more respect for the rules of the game, he lobs the ball over the defender and runs round him to volley forward and chase, but sadly, he ends up running it out and in his frustration, picks the ball up and dives forward with it.

Ironically, after their last good chance was quickly followed by a penalty being given, Connor get another one after this latest miss.  The same player steps up and balloons it over the bar again, this time a little wide as well.


It’s not long until Connor receive another opportunity from the penalty spot, which seems to be moving around a lot due, I can only imagine, to the lack of a visible penalty spot.  The same player again takes it and once again, it sails over the bar.  Surely the manager should send instructions on for someone else to take them?

Half time sees me get a ’99 ice cream (really!)  which costs £3.50.  There are also more and more drunk people lying about.  The people sitting in front of us with tops which say “Arbroath Rugby Club” on them don’t seem to have watched any of the game and are frequently returning with more pints of beer.  A group of drunk blokes are whistling “The Sash” in the concourse, so maybe Connor is from Glasgow.

There hasn’t been much from Leicester in the first half and how they won the Premier League in England is beyond me on this showing.  Leaving out Vardy and co seems to have been a mistake and there is no sign of them on the bench.  They clearly hadn’t heard of the opposition either. 

It’s also Premier League prices.  As well as the aforementioned ice cream price, it’s £6 for a pulled pork roll (still no pie), £5 for a programme and £2.50 for a bottle of water.

The handballs and diving continues, along with the shocking tackles.  There are regularly players needing treatment and this means a lot of breaks in play.  Leicester somehow manage to get a penalty, but it seems to be catching as their player also sends it over the bar.

The theme of Connor getting to the by-line and overrunning it continues and once again, they get a penalty almost immediately after, this time with the same player hitting the post, although it was well over the bar again.


Another noticeable problem is the ball.  From the early stages, it doesn’t seem to be bouncing properly and even looks a bit misshapen.  How they don’t have a spare ball is beyond me.

After another tackle that looked above waist height, one of the Connor players is down injured when Leicester make use of the extra man and charge forward.  With 12 minutes left, they manage to get near the goal line, but they also manage to run it out of play.


At full time (which stops 5 minutes early, like it did in the first half) there have been no shots on target and no goals.  I expect I’ll not be the only one of the crowd who won’t be coming back to see these teams again.



 The Pro12 is an annual rugby union competition involving twelve professional sides from Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.  The final took place on 28 May at Murrayfield, the home of the Scottish National rugby team.  Two Irish teams, Leinster and Connacht contested the final and Connacht, the massive underdogs, triumphed by a score of 20-10.

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The Bridge (Bron – Broen) Season 3 Episodes 9 and 10

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 3, Episodes 9 and 10


Well I did say that I’d be late this week and you may have all worn yourselves out with reading and discussing the final episodes, but I’ve been avoiding everything until I finally watched it.  I may be the only one reading this this week.

It’s tough to know that this is the last two episodes and with the creator saying he is unsure of doing a fourth season, it’s with a heavy heart I write this.

We begin with Jeanette still tied up either giving birth or being tortured.  It turns out to be the former and whoever has her takes away the baby.  Freddie and his henchman are tracing the transmitter that he had put in Jeanette’s mobile phone and they find her unconscious and bloody in a barn, with no sign of the baby.

Henrik goes to Saga’s flat (she doesn’t ask if he is there for sex this time).  She says that she isn’t good at taking time off, but the investigation into his family’s disappearance is keeping her busy.  When he asks where she was earlier she tells him she was at the scene where her sister killed herself because it “felt good to be there”.  Henrik asks if she wants him to stay and she tells him that she doesn’t, she wants him to find Hans killer.

Henrik takes Freddie to the police station for questioning after he had explained that Jeanette was his surrogate mother.  He tells Henrik that he had found Marc shot at the cottage and Henrik asks if he told the police about that.  He hadn’t.

Rasmus is drafted in to replace Saga and he tells Henrik that despite what he might have heard, he is a “damn good police”.  No he isn’t!!  Now that the baby has been taken, Henrik prompts Linn to call in all available resources, which includes Saga.


Asa is waiting for Freddie and when he comes out she goes in and tells Henrik that she thinks that Claes has the baby.  Henrik and Saga tell Linn that they think that Claes and Annika may be in on it together.

We are treated to another delightful Saga moment when Henrik asks her if she ever wanted children.  “Why do you ask?” says Saga.  When Henrik says he is just asking she replies “There are lots of things I don’t have, why ask about children?”

Jeanette has regained consciousness in hospital so Saga and Henrik head there.  She doesn’t remember anything and wants to know what happened to Marc.  Saga, with her usual diplomacy says “He’s dead”.  They also tell her the baby is still missing.

A message arrives on Freddie’s phone with a picture of the baby and a message which we don’t get to see.  He shows Asa who says he can’t go and meet the kidnapper because of all the people he has killed and she thinks he will kill Freddie too and recommends he call the police.  He doesn’t listen.

Saga isn’t happy to see Rasmus when they return to the police station and even less so when he says he is now a part of the case and that he replaced her when she was away.  You could never replace Saga!  He shows them the dollhouse which was found in the room where Jeanette was found with the murder depictions in each room.  It contains one they haven’t seen yet.  Two people hanging with a baby beneath them.


Freddie heads off to the place he was told to go to in the message he received which is a scrapyard.  Someone is watching him through binoculars.  As Freddie approaches, the person with binoculars sees Saga’s car arriving.  Asa had phoned the police.  Freddie receives a text saying “Police.  Stupid”.  He sees a pram and as he walks towards it, the person watching presses a button and the pram catches fire.  He rushes towards it and tries to rescue the baby, but it isn’t there.  Saga and Henrik push him away and shout that it is empty.  He has burnt his hands badly.

John has returned to work after his daughter was shot.  Saga gives him a gift for her.  It’s a book entitled ‘Crisis Support for Accidents, Catastrophes and Harrowing Experiences: Strengthening Your Resistance’.  (Remember John’s daughter is seven).  John replies “This might be a bit heavy.  She’s still struggling with My Little Pony”.  Genius.


The father of Annika comes in to speak to Saga and Henrik and tells them that he is not her real father.  He had already split from his wife when she died three years ago, and Annika asked him to look after her then, but he said no.  They ask Freddie if he had sex with her mother in 1984 (the year, not the book) but he says he didn’t.

Henrik and Saga go to Claes’ house but there is no-one there.  They find a gun in his house.  We see him in his car taking a call from his assistant who tells him the police are looking for him.  He says he can’t hear and hangs up.  The assistant phones the police and says she was telling him they were looking for him but he couldn’t hear her.

In Henrik’s flat, he tells Saga that the manifestations of his children are back.  Not his wife though.  He says that the stuff with Freddie’s baby are bringing up lots of memories.  They sleep together and Henrik wakes Saga to tell her that Claes has been found.


Claes says that he has no idea where Annika is and explains he got a gun after they had told him that she was a murderer.  He admits to wanting to hurt Freddie, but not physically.  He has an alibi.

Saga and Henrik head to Freddie’s house and are showing him pictures of those involved.  The henchman says that Morten had been to the house looking for his father and saying that he thought “they were both supposed to be here”.  He seemed on drugs and eventually went away when told his father wasn’t there.

Henrik and Saga next speak to the wife of Helle, the first victim and confirm that Helle had got pregnant with Morten after she started going to the insemination clinic.  After obtaining a warrant, Henrik goes and asks them to look for Annika’s mother.  There is no trace.  The only way to find a donor is with the mother’s name or with a code. It’s the code!!!  The donor was Freddie.  The mother was Emil’s mum.

Despite the “damn good police” having already scoped the scene of where Jeanette was found, Saga wants to go there, so she and Henrik go and find a warehouse on the same site where Annika is tied up.  The room she is in is designed exactly the same as the basement that was in the foster home.  They phone Emil and ask if anyone stayed in the basement, but he tells them that nobody was allowed in there.

Freddie gets another baby picture and a message saying ‘last chance’. He heads out into his car and drives off, followed by Rasmus.  Freddie stops the car and gets into a helicopter.  John directs Rasmus to where the transponder in the helicopter is.  Freddie lands and as he walks towards another warehouse, Emil comes out holding a gun to the baby’s head and says “Hello dad”.


Rasmus has reached the helicopter and phones Linn.  She tells him to wait for back up.  He, of course, doesn’t.  As he makes his way round the edge of a warehouse, he sees Freddie lying on the ground and then Emil shoots him.  Sadly, Rasmus is still alive and had his bullet proof vest on.

Freddie comes round in a room with two nooses and he is tied up.  Emil tells him that he wanted to make everything he loved ugly and twisted.  He’s doing a grand job of that.

Saga and Freddie go to the basement of the foster home and see that the painting there is identical to the one where Annika was.  The artist is still alive and lives in Saltholm, and island next to the Oresund Bridge.  Saga and Henrik go by helicopter to the island and the artist tells them that it is a painting of a place on the island.  They decide to run there rather than alert Emil with the helicopter.


Emil unties Freddie and he collapses to the floor.  As he gets up, he hits Emil across the head with a piece of wood he picked up from the floor.  He takes the baby and runs out of the barn and sees he is in the middle of nowhere.  Emil comes round and picks up his gun and heads out.  He is soon near the trees in which Freddie is hiding and hears the baby crying.  He takes them back to the barn and forces Freddie to put himself in a noose.  He hands him the baby and says he can hold it as long as he is conscious.  He puts himself in the other noose.


Emil pulls a cord and the standing part falls away leaving them both hanging.  Saga and Henrik race in and Henrik hands the baby to Saga and quickly supports Freddie’s body.  Saga stands looking at Emil.  With Henrik screaming at her to support Emil’s body Saga says “He killed Hans”.  She eventually does.  The armed police arrive.  Henrik asks if Saga would really have let him die.  She walks off.

Henrik is interviewing Emil in custody.  Emil explains that he didn’t really know any of them apart from his half-brother Morten.  The works of art were trying to get Freddie’s attention, Lars-Ove had abused him, Hakan placed him at the home, Hans took him back to the home, and Halle and Freddie had been his creators.

Freddie takes the baby to hospital to see Jeanette, but she doesn’t want to see it.  He gives her a receipt for the money he promised her along with a bonus for all she has been through.

Saga takes in the transcription of the interview for Emil to sign and she doesn’t see him take the paper clip holding the papers together.  He slits his wrists with it and dies.

Saga asks Henrik to go with her to Hans funeral the following day and he agrees.  When Henrik gets home, Lillian is waiting for him.  She tells Henrik that a skeleton has been found and it is his wife.  He is in denial at first and then the anger starts and he says that they must go to the site immediately.  There is no sign of his kids’ bodies.  He is taking lots of his drugs as he starts to look at papers from the case again.

After the funeral, Saga says to Lillian that Henrik was supposed to be there.  She tells Saga about his wife’s body.  Saga tries to call him but there is no answer.  She goes to his house and sees through the window Henrik lying on the floor in a pile of sick (nice).  We next see Henrik in hospital with Saga there.  He tells her that he always thought they could be dead, but that he thought they would all be together.  Saga asks how long he has been taking drugs and he tells her since their disappearance.  She asks if he has been on drugs at work.  “The whole time” he replies.  Saga asks if he remembers why she doesn’t get close to people.  He replies “Yes, because they leave you or hurt you”.  Saga walks out.

Saga goes back to the police station and Linn tells her that the procurator fiscal is going to start preliminary proceedings against her in relation to her mother’s death.  Saga is distraught that she will be found guilty and taken off duty.  She leaves.

Henrik checks himself out of hospital and goes to see Lillian.  She tells him he can’t have time off to look for his children.  He resigns with immediate effect.  He goes to Saga’s police station and John tells him what has happened with Saga.  He tries to call her and goes to her flat, but no answer.  He heads to the train track where her sister killed herself.  He comes up to the track and Saga is standing beside it on the other side.

As Henrik begins to talk to Saga we hear a train coming.  He tells her he has quit his job to look for his children.  He tells her that he needs her and she can help him find his daughters.  The train gets closer.  As the train arrives, Saga appears to step forward and Henrik yells out.  Once the train has passed, we see Saga on her knees in tears.  Henrik goes up behind and hugs her.


We next see Henrik and Saga looking through papers on his missing family.  Henrik finds a car had been stolen at the time of their disappearance and they leave to investigate….

So, that’s about as happy an ending as Nordic Noir do.  Or is it?  (Those who like happy endings should stop reading now.)

We saw that Henrik was taking a lot of drugs as the denouement was reached.  We know that he has very real looking manifestations.  Saga looked as though she stepped forward as the train passed.  I guess that we have to wait and see if there is to be another season.  I understand that the creator is unsure if he will do another one.  And as I’ve said before, Borgen and The Killing stopped at three.

I suppose it is all about interpretation, and each can believe what they want.  I think we’d all agree though, that a multitude of awards needs to rain down on this show, and to Sofia Helin in particular.


  • So all these murders were fine, but once a baby is missing, the police call on all available resources.
  • Things are pretty grim for Jeanette, but at least she won’t end up with Marc.
  • I’ll be bereft without The Bridge next week. Maybe I could borrow John’s daughter’s book?
  • You would think it would be quite easy to find Claes with his name all over his car.
  • Think Claes needs to get rid of the assistant. Phoning the police right away to say she had spoken to him?
  • Jeanette apologised to Freddie for running away, which meant the baby was taken, but she only ran away because he was trying to molest her.
  • There seems to be an awful lot of abandoned warehouses in Scandinavia.
  • All those alphabets and the code was the number at the sperm bank!
  • How did Emil get access to the records at the sperm bank to find out who his father was? They must have been easy cum, easy go.
  • I’m so sorry for that last one.
  • No I’m not.
  • How many series would have the confidence of revealing whodunit in the penultimate episode?
  • When Emil shot Rasmus, could he not have cut off his ponytail too?
  • Bit of a sore one for Annika that Claes didn’t report her missing.
  • How did Emil manage to drag Freddie’s considerable girth in and out of cars and to a deserted barn?
  • You wait three series for a helicopter then two come along at once.
  • Because of its importance as a wildlife sanctuary, access to Saltholm and its surrounding waters is strictly controlled.
  • Everyone has had a relative like the painter, that can’t hear.
  • Why did Freddie run in a different direction to where he could see buildings?
  • When he was hiding from Emil, why didn’t Freddie put his finger in the baby’s mouth? Or maybe even breastfeed?
  • Why did Emil make Freddy change into a tracksuit? Were they going for a jog first?
  • So they did eventually have Hans/Han funeral.
  • Where did Emil get all the lights for staging the murders?
  • We all know a Rasmus.
  • Is Linn from the planet Klingon?
  • So Claes gets away with killing his father?
  • Thanks Henrik for stopping yet more chat about Lars-Ove’s death.
  • It was only at the end I realised I had written anything down for the last 20 minutes.
  • Now the series is finished, can I have Freddie’s house please?Must have been a blow for the many women who have fallen in love with Henrik to find he wasn’t the best at sex.
  • Did Saga actually kill her mother?
  • I knew it was Emil!
  • Who killed Gertrud at the end of season 2??
  • I now have a Bridge shaped hole in my life.
  • Anyone want to start a support group?
  • “Saga Norén, Länskrim, Malmö”
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The Bridge (Bron – Broen) Season 3 Episodes 7 and 8

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) –Season 3, Episodes 7 and 8


This week begins with two men burgling a property when they come across the next two victims of the serial killer.  With a similar staging to the previous murders, there are spotlights around a couple with the woman holding an apple in her mouth and a man with a Santa hat on and a Christmas tree beside them.  The robbers make an anonymous call to the police and scarper.

Saga has stayed at Henrik’s overnight and borrows a pair of his missing wife’s underwear as her “period has started”.  Too much info there Saga.  Henrik has made them breakfast, but Linn calls to say that two bodies have been found, so they don’t have time and head out to their cars.  Henrik goes to take the drugs he has whenever he gets into his car, but put the back without taking them.

They arrive at the scene of the crimes and find a forensic team already there.  The missing eyes of Hakan are found as decorations on the Christmas tree and when the santa hat is removed, the top of the man’s head has been removed and his brain taken.  The couple are Filip and Inger Johanssen, who have fostered several children.  This is depicted in another work of art known as Cancelling Christmas.


The Johanssens also have burn marks in their mouths, this time from the Glagolitic alphabet, the oldest known Slavic alphabet.  They are two more numbers from the code.

Marc goes to see Freddie to ask for an advance on the money to be paid for Jeanette’s baby.  He owns up to losing the cottage in his bet.  Freddie soon sends him out telling him the money will be paid when he gets the baby.  Marc steals a watch on his way out.

Claes is in his car with psycho stalker Annika.  She is going to a conference and says he can pick her up when she gets back that night.  She says they can then go to her house to pick up some stuff so she can stay at his.

Tina the photographer is hiding in the bushes outside the house of Freddie and Asa with her camera.  She takes pictures of Henrik as he leaves the house after he has been there to offer Freddie police protection which he declines.  She then spots Asa at the window with her maid helping her on with the fake pregnancy suit, which she also takes pictures of.


We see someone in a yellow car with gloves on and chloroform parked at the side of the road and Asa about to walk past.  The car belongs to Kjell Sodor, who was the man who worked at T&L Anderson (Lars/Statsminister in The Killing’s company).  At this point the person in the car gets a message from Tina saying that she has pictures of Asa’s fake pregnancy.  The person replies saying “just do your job” and drives off.  A lucky escape for Asa?

Linn tells Saga that there is evidence that her mother may have been murdered.  She asks if anyone would have any reason to kill her.  Saga says that she hasn’t seen her for 20 years, but she doesn’t seem to have changed, so many people will probably dislike her.

Marc goes to what looks like a bike shop and sells the watch to a woman that works there.  We next see him breaking into the yellow car and stealing the laptop/tablet inside.  You don’t want to do that Marc!

Tina is out with John and tells him she has a job keeping an eye on Freddie and Asa’s house.  He takes her to the station and she explains that she is to take pictures of anyone coming and going.  She is contacted by email and they see the email address is the code.  She is paid by bank transfer.

The police trace the laptop, not knowing that Marc has already sold it to the woman at the bike shop.  The person in the yellow car has traced it too though and he/she goes to the shop and shoots the woman and takes back the laptop.  The police arrive and find the scene.

John sees the traced laptop is on the move again and Saga and Henrik follow it in his car.  They reach the yellow car which is now parked and empty.  The signal is on the move into a nearby shopping centre.  They race in, but the signal cuts out and they find it has been thrown into the pond outside.


Henrik is not seeing his wife and kids as he normally does in his house.  Saga asks if this is why he is acting strangely.  He’s having drug withdrawal Saga!

Kjell Grankvist of Internal Affairs is interviewing Saga about her mother’s death. He is saying that her mother said that Saga had threatened her, which Saga says is lies.  Hanne (she of the blown off leg) says that Saga told her that she hated her mother.  Saga says at the time her mother was murdered, she was at the meeting where she had got an email saying that someone had information about the murders, but nobody turned up.  She didn’t tell anyone about it, but she still has the email.  They take a DNA swab from Saga’s mouth while she looks very uncomfortable.


John discovers that it was Tina that was the person who took the photos of Anna and Benjamin.  He confronts her and says she is to blame for Benjamin killing himself and she had not said she was paparazzi.  He also realises she didn’t ask him to trace the number which called her for her safety.  He says they shouldn’t see each other anymore.

Saga tells Henrik that she is being framed for her mother’s murder and thinks it was her mother that did it for revenge.  She won’t say what that revenge is for though.

Freddie has bought back the cottage for Jeanette that Marc lost in a bet.  He tells her that she should “get rid of that loser”.  Asa is jealous of the relationship between those two and she and Freddie are arguing more and more.

Lillian is at the hospital and a doctor is telling her that Hans is now brain dead.  She needs to consider organ donation and what to do about the respirator.  Not Hans!


The list of staff who were fired by Freddie at Lars/Statsminister from The Killing’s company finally turns up and it includes Emil Larsson, who was the man at the museum that identified the connection with the works of art and the murders.  He is also on the list of those who were fostered by the couple who were found at the start of the episode.  A break at last for the cops?

The police are looking into connections with the victims and Emil.  Hans had taken him back when he tried to run away from the foster home, Lars-Ove had been his teacher and Hakan had been his social worker who placed him with the Johanssens.  No connections yet with Helle.

The police raid Emil’s flat but he isn’t there and there are no clues there.  He hasn’t turned up at work either.

Internal Affairs are speaking to Rasmus, who says that he considers Saga to be mentally unstable.  He says this view has nothing to do with her having him transferred.

Claes returns to his flat where Asa is waiting for him.  He is carrying a spade and bin bags.  He claims he was “taking care of something”.  Hmmmm.  Asa tells Claes all about the fake pregnancy and how she is jealous of Jeanette.

Internal Affairs man is back with Saga and says that a nail of hers has been found in her mother’s car.  The interview is interrupted as Emil has been found.  He walked out of a field onto a road with no top on and blood all over him.

Emil is in hospital and tells Saga and Henrik that he woke up tied up with a sack over his head.  Every now and again someone would come in and beat him.  He woke up in a field and must have been released.  He has a symbol burned into his mouth, which is another number from the code.  There is a painting in the collection known as “the one that got away”.  Emil recalls some of the noises he heard when tied up.  He heard an ice cream van, sirens and children playing.

John looks into the noises and discovers that there was an area where sirens went past, near a school, which had an ice cream van route.  In that area lives another person fostered by the Johanssens.  It’s psycho Annika!


Lillian arrives at the police station and tells Saga about Hans.  She goes to the hospital with Lillian as Henrik takes a team to Annika’s house.  Saga goes into Hans’ room on her own and slaps him hard across the face.  We all have our own ways of dealing with loss.  Not seen this one before though.

Henrik stops off at the hospital to speak to Emil about Annika.  Emil says that Annika was considered at the bottom of the scale at the foster home and wasn’t treated well.  They raid Annika’s house and find lots of Claes related things, including a life-sized cardboard cut-out and pictures of him above her bed.  They also find a room with pictures of the murder scenes, a brain (probably belonging to Mr Johanssen) and branding irons of the symbols found in the victim’s mouths.


Henrik recalls that Morten had said that his brother killed him, which doesn’t suggest Annika as the killer.  “Could she and Claes have done it together?” He asks.  They bring Claes in for questioning who explains she is a crazy stalker.  He was supposed to pick her up the day before but she didn’t show.  Henrik says “So you were supposed to pick up at the train station yesterday the crazy woman you didn’t have a relationship with?”  Claes claims that it makes it easier.  Annika did not arrive at the trade fair she was supposedly going to.

Saga is back in with Internal Affairs (IA) Kjell.  She says that her flat had been broken into and her nail must have been taken from there.  IA man says they traced the email she got about the meeting that was her alibi, to her own computer on a timer.  Saga says her mother was out for revenge because she had falsely accused her parents of sexual abuse to save her sister.


Henrik goes to Freddie with a picture of Annika and asks if he recognises her.  Asa sees it and says that is her ex-husband’s stalker.  She seems very relaxed about it and points out that it is rare to have a female serial killer.

Saga and Henrik get a man called Gustav to come in, who was at the foster home at the same time as Annika.  He tells them that he wrote to her until she got married.  She met her ex-husband after writing to him when he was in prison.

Freddie and Asa are both woken in bed by their phones ringing.  The media know about the fake pregnancy.  Asa goes to see Claes and says “How could you?!”  He admits he told them and says it was the only way to get back at Freddie.

Henrik and Saga go to the home of Annika’s former husband and find him hiding in a barn next to it.  He tries to run, but Saga shoots in the air and they catch him.

Tina is back at the newspaper offices and her boss is saying that Freddie will sue anyone making allegations.  She says that if someone had a picture of the pregnant girl at the house, that would prove it.  She doesn’t give him anything and hands the memory stick with the pictures over to John at the police station

Jeanette had been getting increasingly concerned about whether Freddie and Asa will make good parents to the child she is carrying and when Freddie hugs her and goes to kiss her, this is the final straw for her and she phones Marc and tells him to come and get her.




Saga and Henrik take Annika’s husband into the police station and as Saga turns her back he pulls out a gun and shoots twice.  The police manage to surround him and he surrenders.  But one of his shots has hit John’s daughter in the arm, who his ex-wife had just brought there.  She recovers later in hospital.

Marc arrives and drives off with Jeanette who says they will go back to the cottage which Freddie had bought for her and decide the next day what to do.

Linn is angry with Saga for not searching Annika’s ex and says that there is too much pressure on her and she must take time off.  Saga says that she had promised Hans, but Linn won’t listen.  Saga is distraught.  She drives off and we see her standing beside a train track before a train rushes past.

It seems that Annika’s ex had nothing to do with the case, but a cache of weapons was found in his house.

Freddie sees that Jeanette has gone and heads off to the cottage.  When he gets there, Marc is outside shot dead and there is no sign of Jeanette.

We end seeing Jeanette bound and gagged in a room with a dolls house which is filled with the murder scenes.

Martin who?

Only one week left and I will say now that I will be late with next week’s blog if anyone cares!

I apologise again for the length of this, but there are so many strands to the story.

Number of possible outcomes then and I’ve added a few things before ‘issues’ this week.

Bonus section!

  • So, has Claes got rid of Annika and buried her? He does have previous on murdering people.
  • Do we believe Emil? Perfect serial killer move to make it look like they are one of the victims.
  • We haven’t seen Lise for four episodes now. Is she likely to reappear?
  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most Nordic Noir is only ever three series. Borgen, The Killing etc.
  • Is Rasmus setting up Saga?
  • Could Linn be setting up Saga and brought in Rasmus as an ally as she knows he hates her?
  • Is there a possibility Saga did kill her mother?
  • Everyone seems to think Henrik is a hero now, but remember, he asked to be assigned this case.
  • There are likely to be a lot of people angry with Saga about Martin.
  • Remember, Nordic Noir very rarely has a happy ending.

I know what I think, but we will find out soon!


  • Couldn’t help but think the man with his brain removed probably had the tv switched to X Factor rather than watching this.
  • Those Christmas tree ornaments were particularly eye-catching.
  • Interesting that Saga wanted new knickers, but never, ever goes out without those leather trousers.
  • Probably just as well Saga and Henrik didn’t have time for breakfast. They may have been seeing it again after discovering half head.
  • Is Freddie wearing one of those fake pregnancy suits as well?
  • Love how Saga takes everything literally and doesn’t get sarcasm. Forensic man tells her to “feel free to take the pictures” and she looks puzzled and says “I already have”.
  • With the aversion Swedes seem to have for curtains, you’d think Asa wouldn’t be exposing her fake bump in front of the window.
  • That was some coincidence Marc stealing the laptop from the yellow car.
  • I’ll tell you who has something against Saga’s mum Linn, everyone watching!
  • John got to leave the Police Station! I really thought he must live there.
  • How did the person in the yellow car know they were being followed?
  • The panic that Henrik had when he thought Saga was going to open the glove compartment which he keeps his drugs in.
  • Amusing to see Freddie and Claes in their cars exchanging not very pleasantries.
  • From Hans to Han to no Hans at all! Does this count as another missing body part?
  • Who knew Claes had an allotment?
  • How on earth has Claes’ dad’s funeral not happened yet? Did he get fed up waiting and buried him himself? Is that why he had the spade?
  • Amazingly lucid recollections of sounds by Emil when he had the bag over his head and was beaten.
  • Last week the Babylonian numerical system, this week the Glagolitic alphabet. I don’t remember either of these in Sesame Street.
  • Claes told Henrik he had sex with Annika as he was in “a dark place”. Too much information!
  • I did ask last week if Saga’s flat had been broken into.
  • Why did Saga not trace the email address that sent her the invitation to meet up for information on the murders?
  • “I’m not unstable, I’m different!” is set to appear on tee shirts everywhere.
  • How on earth did John manage to get Tina to go out with him?
  • Would Saga really be allowed to continue to work with her mother’s murder case hanging over her?
  • When did Tina take pictures of Jeanette? We only saw her get pictures of Asa’s fake bump.
  • When Freddie tried to kiss Jeanette and she said “what the fuck are you doing??”, that took me back to my youth.
  • That was a real shot in the arm for take your daughter to work day.
  • Did he deliberately shoot John’s daughter? Saga was worried she knew too much last week.
  • Is the train line where Saga’s sister killed herself?
  • It’s as multi-layered as I should have been when I froze myself to death at the football the other day.
  • Two hours is too long to hold your breath.
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The Bridge (Bron – Broen) Season 3 Episodes 5 and 6

The Bridge (Bron) –Season 3, Episodes 5 and 6


Sad to note that we will be past half way in the series after this evening’s episodes.  It’s tough waiting a week between episodes, but it will be all over soon.  Sniff.

We start this week with Lukas at the workshop where his place of business is and he is told there is a phone call for him.  As he picks it up to answer, he is shot through the window from a rooftop looking down on his office.

Lukas has survived and seems remarkably chipper as Saga and Henrik visit him in hospital.  Saga goes out to take a call and when he has a moment alone with Henrik he tells him he knows his secret.  The call takes Saga and Henrik off to see the latest victim’s sister.

Henrik tells Saga that the file he gave her is about the disappearance of his wife and daughters.  He came home six years ago and they were gone.


Margarita, the sister of Lars-Ove, the most recent dead body tells Saga and Henrik she hasn’t seen her brother since the early 80s, and has had no contact.  He had been moving from school to school (I missed this bit, I assume he was a teacher) as there was complaints about him from the pupils, including allegations of sexual assault.  They later find child porn on his computer.

When Lillian visits Hans in hospital, she finds a mark inside his mouth.  Saga goes to the forensic man and asks him to look at the other corpses.  Very unnecessarily, he tells her that Lars-Ove’s genitals were torn off with a slow accelerating force.  Lars-Ove has the same burn mark in his mouth.  It’s not in the priest’s mouth, which makes Saga think that they were right about that being the only one committed by Rikard.  Helle’s body has been released and the funeral is today.

Saga, Henrik and forensics man head off to the funeral and take the coffin from the family who are in the middle of the funeral.  Helle’s body has the burn mark too and they take the body away.  The family aren’t happy.  Saga says to forensics man “I hope you haven’t missed anything else”.

Linn is unhappy that Saga had taken Helle’s corpse from the funeral.  She would have sent someone with more empathy to get it.  She tells her that she needs to be kept informed of Saga’s plans.

Saga is unhappy that her colleague, John, has brought his daughter into the office.  “She’s an outsider.  We don’t know who she speaks to.”  John’s daughter is seven.

John uncovers CCTV footage of the van driver that had gone across the bridge in the white van, with a shot of the driver in hat and sunglasses.  We don’t find out if it was his daughter who found this.  Saga and Henrik question Mehmet, who had said he was driving the van.  He admits that it was Lukas.  Henrik phones the hospital and says that Lukas must not be allowed to leave.  But he already has.


Anna’s husband Hakan tells her he will stay by her side after her affair with seventeen year old Benjamin.  Anna’s mother is drafting a press release about the situation and the family seem to be sorting out the media aspects.  Benjamin’s mother Eva, who we were told was the best friend of Anna, is telling Benjamin it was all Anna’s fault, but he tells her that they love each other, and showing himself to be the teenager he is, shuts himself in his bedroom.

Marc and pregnant with what looks like at least sextuplets, Jeanette are at their new house, which looks like it needs a bit of work.  Jeanette says that they will start over “just you and me”.  What about the baby?  We will soon find out.  Someone seems to be watching them and it looks like they are in the car which followed them last week.

Freddie, or Thomas Buch from The Killing, is giving a talk at a museum where he is loaning part of his collection while they build a new gallery he is funding.  He is there with his wife Asa, who is pregnant.  Claes also appears at the event and knows them both.  He used to be married to Asa and used to be Freddie’s business partner.


Anna does her interview where she says that it was a mistake and her family are standing behind her.

Marc is driving and Jeanette is showing him pictures she took at their new house.  As he is distracted, he hits a deer lying on the road.  The car spins and when it comes to a standstill, they both seem ok.  The men in the black car arrive and take Jeanette away and tell Marc to say he was on his own in the car.

Claes’ psycho fan, who goes by the name of Annika, is to deal with Claes’ father’s body for the funeral, in her job as undertaker.  She turns up, uninvited to the museum event run by Freddie and Claes comes to the door and is asked if he knows her.  She claims to have seen the invite in his flat and has come as his plus one.  “If we sleep together, we can be seen together”.  Run Claes, run!


It turns out that Asa is not in fact pregnant, and is wearing a fake belly when she is in public.  The men in the black car have taken Jeanette to Freddie’s and her baby is going to be given to Freddie and his wife when it is born.  She will stay at Freddie’s until the baby is born and Freddie is referring to it as his son.  Marc has been told she will be staying there.

Benjamin is trying to phone Anna, but she doesn’t answer.  Eventually, her husband answers and tells Ben that she doesn’t want to speak to him and she said on her interview it was a mistake.  A heartbroken Marc watches the interview on his laptop.

Surprisingly, Saga has let Henrik stay the night after they have had sex, but she pushes his arm off her when he tries to cuddle her.  His phone has a text alert and Saga tells him that is his phone.  He looks and sees it is pictures of him buying drugs and a message to “come home”.

Lukas is at Henrik’s when he gets back and tells the cop that he will need to drive him out of the country and flash his badge as the police in Sweden and Denmark are looking for him.  If he doesn’t, he will release the pictures.  He says he had nothing to do with the murders, he crossed the bridge to do a drug deal, and he should know as he is a client.  Henrik reluctantly agrees.  As they reach his car, a car drives past and shoots Lukas dead.


Henrik phones the police and Linn is asking him why Lukas had come to his house.  He tells her that he was going to hand himself in and that he had nothing to do with the murders, but it was drugs.  They were about to drive to the police station when the shooting happened.  Oooooh you liar!

Saga arrives at the police station and sees her mother talking to Linn again.  Her mother comes out and tells her that she was disappointed but not surprised that she didn’t come to her father’s memorial.  “You always were a disappointment”.  She also says that she told Linn that Saga had driven her sister to suicide.

Saga asks Linn what her mother had wanted, but Linn says she can’t say.  Saga tells her that her mother always lies.


Forensic man tells Saga that the bodies all have a burn mark in their mouths which seems to be a symbol of sorts.  Saga identifies this as the Babylonian numerical system.  The numbers are 3, 9 and 2.  These seem to be numbers from the code that they found on Morten’s fridge in his blown up trailer.

Anna phones Benjamin and leaves a message on his answering machine saying that she loves him and she is sorry she couldn’t get in touch the day before, but it’s him that she wants to be with.  It’s too late though as Benjamin has killed himself.

Hakan had left a note saying that he was going to pick up their daughter Viola and go to the summer house, but he has been taken and we see him tied up in a gym hall, with a barrel round his body which has a cat on it and blindfolded with his hands in hoops above his head.

Linn goes on TV to talk about the case and a man who works at the museum identifies the way the bodies are left with some of the works of art in the museum.  He tells Saga and Henrik that they are all in the collection loaned by Freddie to the museum.

The photographer that took the pictures of Anna and Benjamin is at the newspaper and talking about the tip off she received by text about them to her boss.  She has been getting death threats on twitter.  (Maybe her blogs are as bad as mine).  She is sacked and asks John at police HQ if he can trace the number that sent her the tip.

Saga and Henrik look at the works of art at the museum and get the worker there to write down all the ones in Freddie’s collection before they go and visit him.  He tells them he specialises in investing in loss making businesses and turning them round.  Often by sacking many of the staff.  No enemies there then!  They get him to give them a list of all the businesses he has taken over.


Claes is having lunch with Asa and invites her to a talk he is giving the next day about his book.  When he returns to his car, psycho fan Annika is in it.  She says to him that Asa hurt him before and he shouldn’t be seeing her.  This is the final straw (finally!) for Claes and he throws her out of his car and drives off.

One of the companies that Freddie took over was that of Lars, husband of Lise (and PM in The Killing.)  When they visit him, he tells them that ten employees have been sacked since Freddie took over.  The man who arrived first on the day that the body was found there left a couple of weeks ago to travel.  Henrik finds a catalogue there with toys which were found at the scene of some of the murders.

Linn looks at the old file on Saga’s sister’s death and phones someone to come and look at the case.  It’s only bloody Rasmus!  Rasmus appeared in season two as a police officer working with Saga and Martin and was a loose cannon that was caught changing a police report to exonerate himself.  He also kept interfering in a case that he had been taken off.  And now here he is, back to investigate Saga’s sister’s death, when he has an intense dislike of Saga.  Saga’s mum comes to the station to speak to Rasmus and tells him that Saga came to her house last night and was shouting at her.  Lies!!


(Don’t worry, the above pic is from last series)

Henrik looks into the toy catalogue and phones the company asking who has bought all the things used in the murders.  There is only one order and it is from Lars’ company.

Saga gets an anonymous text saying that the sender knows something about the murders and a place to meet.  Saga goes there on her own, but receives a call from Lillian when she is there to say Hans/Han is on life support, so she leaves.

John finds out that it was a phone registered to Benjamin’s mother who sent the text to Tina.  The phone actually belonged to Benjamin.  She goes to the paper to tell them this, but her boss is not happy with revealing that.  Oh yeah, have principles now!  Tina goes to Eva’s and says to her that the death wasn’t her fault.  Eva doesn’t know who she is and Tina ends up running off.

The man from the gallery says that Freddie has an exhibit at his house that reflects the latest murder of Hakan.

Marc is given money by Freddie to stay away from Jeanette until the baby is born and of course he takes it.  We see him betting again and he bets the house that he and Jeanette have bought.  That isn’t going to go well.

Hakan’s body had a burn mark in his mouth which was the number 4 in the Babylonian number system.  (Another number from the code).  He was also missing his eyes and had an extra penis in his pants (Lars-Ove’s).


Claes is giving his latest book talk and Asa has come along.  At the end, psycho fan Annika approaches him and says that she has found evidence that his father had been suffocated and the hospital told her that he was alone with his father when he died.  She says she has covered it up and he can take her to dinner to thank her.  She makes him get rid of Asa.

Linn tells Saga that her mother has killed herself and it looks like suicide.  Saga goes to visit Hans/Han and pours her heart out to him (he is still in a coma).  And is saying that her mother has killed herself, just like her sister did.

Saga goes to Henrik’s after she is told to leave the hospital after the end of visiting hours and he doesn’t want to let her in but eventually does and tells her that he still sees his family round the house and talks to them.  Saga seems to take this pretty well.

Tina gets a text saying someone has a job for her and that she should reply by email.  The email address is the code that was on Morten’s fridge.

Only two weeks to go!

I’m not missing Martin anywhere near as much as I thought I would.


  • Loved Henrik signing “would you like a cup of tea?”
  • Saga can do sign language!
  • Like there weren’t enough languages to contend with already.
  • Margarita said that she hadn’t seen her brother since 1981. Henrik said “you haven’t seen your brother for 35 years?” Is this set in the future?
  • How did Lars-Ove keep getting jobs at schools with all the allegations against him?
  • Lillian was a bit scary at the hospital with Hans’ ex-wife.
  • It wasn’t easy to take notes when my eyes were watering after the revelations about Lars-Ove.
  • Benjamin had a poster of The Doors in his room, and Anna certainly seemed to light his fire.
  • How big is Linn’s forehead??
  • Weirdest exhibition ever. Scary giant pink baby.
  • Loved it when John’s daughter showed Saga the picture she’d drawn of Henrik, Saga and John and Saga said “it’s hard to tell”. Kids drawings are always rubbish!
  • Had someone been in Saga’s flat that things, such as her computer mouse, were out of place?
  • Why does Linn wear a uniform when nobody else does? Does she come straight from her other job as a ship’s captain?
  • Interesting when Henrik went to Saga’s and was told she wanted to be alone, but he could come in for sex. “Do you want to watch a film?” “A porn film?”
  • Funny how Asa’s fake baby looks more realistic than Jeanette’s real one.
  • Judging by the opulence of Freddie’s home, he doesn’t shop in Ikea.
  • I think it’s time Linn tried a fringe.
  • Why didn’t Henrik phone Saga after Lukas was shot?
  • If Saga works out that Henrik is on drugs and that he was about to drive Lukas away, will she put a second partner in prison?
  • Amazed that the forensic bloke didn’t know the Babylonian number system. Surely everyone knows that?…..
  • I’m sure everyone knew that Benjamin was going to top himself.
  • Not seen much of Anna’s daughter Viola yet. I’m sure there are more strings to her bow.
  • I wondered if it might be Schrodinger’s cat on the barrel around Hakan, but I don’t think there is any doubt he is dead.
  • Was that the same actor playing Rasmus? I didn’t get a good enough look.
  • As if Rasmus wasn’t enough of a twat previously, the pony tail is the icing on the cake.
  • How does Tina know John?
  • Saga taking on board Linn’s advice by getting Henrik to speak to Anna as she is not good at empathy.
  • Did someone poison Hans that he is now on life support?
  • There’s quite a few times the programme gives me the willies, but not in the same way as Hakan.
  • Has Saga’s mother really killed herself? Surely Linn wouldn’t lie about that?
  • Ding dong the witch is dead! (I hope).
  • Linn is probably right in much of what she is saying to Saga, but I still hate her.
  • Did Henrik start taking drugs when his family went missing? Or did they maybe leave because of it?
  • Yes, I do know half the cast was also in 1864.
  • Given the problems we are having with the Forth Road Bridge, could we borrow the Oresund Bridge for a bit?
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The Bridge (Bron – Broen)Season 3 Episodes 3 and 4

The Bridge (Bron) –Season 3, Episodes 3 and 4

This week begins with Morten using a payphone to call a mystery person.  He leaves a message saying he will call back before returning to his temporary home where other homeless people live. Next we hear someone coming towards him playing the message he just left.  As Morten asks why they didn’t answer, he is shot three times.  A homeless person appears and finds him, and Morten whispers something to him before he dies.

Aleks’ wife Samira goes to the police and tells them of another hideout that her husband had.  Saga and Henrik go there with a swat team and find Aleks’ dead body.  It turns out it wasn’t the same house they raided last week!  I had thought it was a hidden room he was in with Hans.

Lars, the wife of Lise and former Statsminister in The Killing, is on the board of the company that makes the lipstick that has been smeared across the faces of victims.  Henrik tells him when interviewing him that he may be either cocky or stupid when Lars asks why he would use that if he had been responsible.

When Saga and Henrik interview the homeless man who found Morten, he tells them that he had whispered “my brother shot me”.  As Morten’s half-brother is four years old, it probably wasn’t him.

We are introduced to Marc, who is playing cards with four others and goes ‘all in’ before losing the hand to a man with the most ridiculous haircut I think I have ever seen.  It looks like he is a flaccid unicorn with a long bit hanging down the front.


Marc goes home to his very pregnant girlfriend, Jeanette, who is not happy at him losing all that money.  Particularly as it is the day to make their house payment.

Saga and Henrik look through photographs from Morten’s obliterated trailer.  They find one with him in his army days with two colleagues with ‘kill brothers’ written on the back.  One of the men in the picture killed himself two years ago but Lukas, the other, is still alive.  They visit him and he tells them he had not seen Morten for about a year and he was with his girlfriend when Morten was killed, which she corroborates by phone.

Unicorn man picks up Marc and takes him to see Lukas, who had seemed like such a nice man.  Lukas tells Marc he owes him 78,000 kroner and makes him play Russian roulette with a handgun.  For every time he pulls the trigger, he gets a day to pay.  In a very fraught scene, Marc does it twice before on the third time, it goes off.  It is a blank in the gun though, so it just makes a cut in the side of his head.  Lukas tells him he has two days.


Saga’s mum comes into the police station much to Saga’s surprise and tells her that her father has died.  She also asks if she has got a doctor to look at the files she gave Saga last week.  Saga says that what she thinks her mother did can’t be ruled out.  Her mum says that she hopes that Saga will come to the memorial and it’s now “just you and me”.

Henrik interrupts the conversation to tell Saga that Helle, the first victim’s car has been found.  Off the two go to look at it.  The car has been found at a funfair and in the windscreen, is a heart (likely to be the one cut from Helle’s body) with a ticket for the ghost train attached to it. They enter the ghost train, complete with requisite dummies jumping out trying to scare them (and us), and eventually find Hans body tied up against a wall.  They phone an ambulance and see that Hans has a hand missing.


Saga is having a hard time of it and smashes up some things in the kitchen at police HQ.  Linn, the temporary Hans takes her off for a word.  Saga says she will pay for what she broke in the kitchen and assures Linn that she does not let emotions affect her police work.

Rikard the cleaner is leaving Lise’s flat when he comes back and says that there was an envelope at the door (which he probably just put there).  There is a letter in it and a picture of the dead priest at the scene of the crime.  The letter says that the person is doing the killings for Lise and it is time for action not words.  Husband Lars says she needs to go to the police, but she tells him that it is her reputation, so it is her decision.

When Saga goes to the hospital to see Hans, she finds his wife Lillian there.  She tells Saga that he has lost his hand and a lot of blood and is in a coma.  When she says that she doesn’t want to be on her own, Saga says “You could call someone?”  Lillian persuades Saga to stay for a bit.  Saga looks puzzled as Lillian holds her hand.

It turns out that Lise had mentioned Hans in her blog (or vlog as Saga points out) so our two cops are off to see her again.  With encouragement from her husband, Lise tells them about the letter.  This leads to them getting Lise to vlog about Bente Knudsen, who I think is a cabinet minister, who is responsible for sending troops to Afghanistan and the death of five soldiers.  The police will of course be waiting for the killer there.  Linn says that Saga is not to be there.

Back at police HQ, they are looking at comments on Lise’s blog and think that they might have something, as much of the language used by one commenter is used in the letter.  The person in question is known as ‘Knight Rider’.  They trace the IP address and find that it belongs to Rikard Jonssen, the cleaner!  Henrik goes to his flat and finds the tarantula loose.  He uses a conveniently placed hoover to suck up the spider.  He sees the TV is paused on Natalie, Helle’s wife.  He phones Saga and tells her they have the wrong target.

Saga races to Natalie’s house and hears her screaming and bursts into the kitchen to find Natalie with a bag over her head, suffocating her and Rikard standing over her with a knife.  Rikard runs and Saga gives chase before coming back to save Natalie.  Presumably Knight Rider would have had KITT waiting to escape in anyway.

We find a new character, Claes at the hospital with his ill father, who he suffocates and kills.  Shortest appearance in a drama ever?

When Jeanette hears of Marc’s latest experiences with Lukas she says they will go to see him.  Lukas says that one of them has to go and pick up a bag while the other will stay as collateral.  Marc doesn’t want his girlfriend to stay with the dangerous Lukas, so she goes and he stays.


Saga and Henrik go to see Lise to warn her about Rikard and meet her as she is returning with her daughter, Karen.  Karen runs up to the flat where Rikard is waiting and he quickly grabs her and puts a knife to her throat.  Luckily, there is another way into the flat and Saga manages to sneak up on him and knocks him out with her gun.  She holds the gun to his head as he is prone on the floor and Karen lets her mum and Henrik in.  Henrik manages to talk Saga out of shooting Rikard.

Claes Sandberg, fresh from killing his father is giving a talk about his latest book and doing a signing afterwards.  A woman doing a good impression of the superfan in the film Misery gets her book signed then later turns up at his flat to offer her condolences.  He invites her in and she ends up staying the night.  If she wasn’t creepy enough already, she tells him she is a funeral director.


As Jeanette returns with the bag that she has collected, she has two men drive up in a van and steal the bag from her.  When she arrives back and tells Lukas, she gives him 7,500 she has managed to raise and says he can have her car.  Lukas isn’t happy but oddly, he says to her and Marc that they don’t owe him anything now and they are to “piss off”.  Unicorn man then comes in with the bag, so it seems they had planned it all.  As Jeanette and Marc drive off, the car that intercepted the bag seems to go after them.

Programme Name: The Bridge - TX: n/a - Episode: The Bridge - series 3 - ep 4 (No. 4) - Picture Shows: Petty criminal Lukas venting his fury when a planned pick-up goes wrong Lukas Stenstrop (CHRISTOPHER LÆSSØ) - (C) Filmlance International AB - Photographer: Carolina Romare

Henrik and Saga have Rikard in custody and have pictures of Helle, the priest and Hans on the table.  (No picture of Aleks though, who they must think he killed at this point?).  Rikard isn’t saying anything.

Got enough characters yet?  Of course not!  Former Eurovision star (ahem) Anna is the new CEO of Ekdahl Housing and is opening a new housing scheme.  Despite being married to Hakan, she is having an affair with her best friend’s son, who is 17.

The hand of Hans is found tied to railings and another dead body is discovered which is missing (gulp) its manhood.  The unendowed body is that of Lars-Ove Abrahamsson.  Henrik asks Lise if she had said anything about Lars-Ove on her website, but she says she hasn’t.


The police think that only the priest was killed by Rikard as it was the only one that didn’t have a body part missing.

Linn tells Saga that her mum phoned and said that she hasn’t taken the time to process her father’s death.  She asks if Hans had told her about complaints made about her over the years.  (He hadn’t).  Not from her colleagues, but from victims and witnesses who have said she was insensitive.  Linn wants Saga to go on sensitivity training.  Saga doesn’t like this proposal.

Henrik is at another singles event and the first person he sees is the woman he got with last time.  Awkward!  Then, much to his surprise, he sees Saga there.  When he asks her what she is doing there, she says that after he had told her about it, she thought it sounded like “an efficient way to meet someone to have sex with”.  Saga uses the chat up line “Do you want to have sex?” with men she approaches.  There was never anywhere like this when I was younger!  As the two are unsuccessful, they end up going back to Saga’s together to have sex.  “What are you best at?” asks Saga, before informing him that there will be no kissing but oral sex is fine and he isn’t to caress her body.  So sexy…..  She asks Henrik in the morning if they tell their colleagues they had sex.  Eh, no.

If ever someone doesn’t learn their lesson, it’s Marc who is off gambling again, with money he has taken from Jeanette’s purse.  She tries to phone him, but he doesn’t answer.

CCTV footage of traffic on the bridge on the night of the first murder turns up a van which belongs to Lukas’s company.  When they speak to him about it he says that the log book is blank for that time.  They tell him that they are taking the van for forensics to look at.

After Anna has met up with her toyboy and had sex in one of her show homes, she arrives home to her husband where she gets a call from her mother who tells her to look at a newspaper’s website.  It has pictures of her with her toyboy kissing and having sex.

Linn tells Saga to come with her and heads off in her car with Saga in her own car following.  They stop at a church and Linn tells Saga that it is where her father’s memorial service is taking place.  Saga drives off.

Lukas takes his worker Mehmet to the police station where Mehmet tells them he was driving the van on the night in question and he was going to see his girlfriend.  As they leave, Mehmet asks Lukas what the van was actually used for that night.

We end with Saga looking at a file that Henrik had given her of a cold case from 2009 about a missing person’s case.  When Saga opens the file, we see it is the ‘family’ of Henrik, confirming for the 1% of viewers that didn’t know Henrik was imagining his wife and kids.

So, is Henrik imagining the family because it is a case he is obsessed with?  Are they his real family that went missing?  Is he keeping them at his house and they are not imaginary? (No to the last one).

Still missing Martin but it’s very,very good.


  • Amusing how Saga always has to add “Malmo County Police” when she is being introduced. She even did it after Henrik introduced her by just her name to the homeless man.
  • I think I would get irritated too if I was being named after Wikipedia. Particularly when it is so often wrong.
  • Was it just me who thought Marc was Rikard the cleaner when he first appeared?
  • How pregnant is Jeanette?? At least 14 months by the looks of it. Although judging by the shape, I thought Hans may have been hidden up there for a while.
  • As Marc pulled the trigger three times, does he not get three days to pay?
  • Will Hans now be known as just Han?
  • Saga flinching as Linn touched her shoulder in the office. You don’t caress Saga!
  • I hope they checked with Bente Knudsen that they could do the set up.
  • Rikard looks nothing like David Hasselhoff.
  • Arachnophobes must be enjoying this series.
  • Poor spider.
  • Would you really have let Karen go up to the flat on her own when you think Rikard might come there?
  • Brief sighting of a character called Freddie. That’s not Freddie, that’s Justice Minister Thomas Buch from The Killing!
  • What on earth was in that bag?
  • I think every male watcher must have winced at what Lars-Ove was missing from his body. I know I did.
  • So Saga to tell Hans ex-wife that his new wife is “younger than you”.
  • I think it’s Linn who needs sensitivity training.
  • Missing body parts – is cheating the motive? A heart, a manhood and a hand with what looks like a wedding ring on (although it was Hans’ right hand, and they wear rings on the left in Sweden).
  • The ‘show home’ showed a bit more than Anna expected.
  • “Do you have any requests?” is the least sexy, sexy thing ever.
  • No mention so far of Dr Frankenstein, who may be taking different parts of people to create a monster. Anyone?
  • If you had any doubt that Henrik’s family were not really there, the lack of complaints from the children when he turned off the TV was conclusive proof.
  • Saga is really missing Hans. Maybe Max Bygraves could do the theme next week? (‘You need Hands”). I’ll get my coat.
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The Bridge (Bron – Broen)Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2

The Bridge (Bron) –Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2

It’s back!!!  It’s back!!! But Martin isn’t in it!!!


It’s hard to remember what happened in season 2.  It ended on our screens in the UK in February last year.  Here we are towards the end of November the following year and at last it has returned.

Can you remember what happened last time out?  My blogs of last season’s episodes can also be found on this site. (ahem).  At the climax Jens, who had killed Martin’s son at the end of season 1 died in prison and Saga realised that Martin had poisoned him. The series ends with Martin being taken away by the police.

As I think we all know, Martin won’t be featuring in this series. What made the previous ones so great was the relationship between him and Saga. Will it still work? We are about to find out.

I’d forgotten once again about Scandi drama’s propensity to throw loads of characters at us right from the start, so apologies if I get some names wrong. Watching, reading subtitles and taking notes isn’t the easiest thing in the world as it is.

The first shot we see of the new series is once again the beautiful Oresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark. This time in the dark and illuminated. It’s a welcoming site to a familiar favourite TV programme.


We see what appears to be a building site, which two men are arriving at. They discover a table set for a meal with what looks like a family sitting round it. A mother, father and two kids. As they approach we see that it is dummies sitting round the table with lipstick smeared across their mouths and eyes. But when they see the mother figure, it is a real woman who is clearly dead.

Saga rings her boss, Hans who is in the midst of having sex with his now wife, Lillian, who had been Martin’s boss in the Danish police. They let it ring and Saga leaves a message saying that their arrangement was that she could phone him after 7am. When he arrives at the station, Saga asks where he was. When he asks for two minutes, she says “What for?” Good old Saga.

The body of the woman is identified as Danish citizen Helle Anker, who had had her heart removed. The nationality meaning that Saga will need to work with a Danish colleague on the case. The lucky lady is Hanne Thomson, who isn’t keen on working with Saga. The woman who put Martin in jail and someone she thinks is not suitable to be in the police. She has a point, but we don’t like you either.

Helle had been heavily involved with the LGBT agenda and Saga and Hanne go to interview her wife Natalie, who advises them that she had received a number of threats because of her views.

We are introduced to Lise Friis Anderson whose daughter is being bullied at school. She is unhappy with how the school is dealing with this and is teaching her daughter how to punch.


Henrik Sabroe is saying goodbye to his wife as he heads off to what it turns out is a singles club night at a museum. He seems to take drugs in his car as he leaves. He meets a woman there and goes back to her flat. He gets home and tells his wife about the experience. Very odd.

Hanne and Saga go to visit Morten Anker, the son of the dead woman from a previous marriage. They tell him that his mother has been killed to which he replies “ok thanks”. He can’t remember when he last saw her. Morten had been serving in Afghanistan and is suffering from PTSD.


Rikkard is a cleaner who has Lise’s house as one of his jobs. He has stolen a necklace from Lise’s house which she had been looking for and we see him putting it on his flat, which contains a snake and a tarantula. Nice. He later puts the necklace back on her pillow.

The police think they have found the site where Helle was killed. It’s in the back of a container at Anderson Transport and Logistics. CEO of the company Lars Anderson explains that they were loading the container and found blood in it. (That’s not Lars! That’s Kristian Kamper, the Prime Minister in Season 3 of The Killing!). He asks Saga if they could hurry up as they are holding up operations. “No.” replies our heroine.

Aleks has been released from prison and as he heads to a flat, he sees people he thinks are looking for him and legs it. We next see him digging up a patch of ground looking for money that he seems to have buried there. It’s gone. He visits a house where he is asking the man there if he knows where it is. He claims not to. Next, Aleks climbs up the outside of the flats he was first at and goes onto the balcony of what is the flat his wife and family live at. He tells her the money is gone and that he is going to run, but has an idea how to get money.

Hanne phones Saga to tell her that she has asked to be reassigned. Saga says it has not gone through yet so she will meet her at Morten’s trailer, which they have a search warrant for. There is no answer and it is locked, but they decide to enter anyway and Hanne manages to get the door open. As Saga looks about she suddenly shouts “Wait!” but it’s too late and a bomb goes off as Hanne enters. Saga phones for an ambulance as Hanne lies on the ground with part of her leg blown off.

Saga is sent home and as she arrives there, her estranged mother is outside her flat. Her mother says that “Daddy is dying” and Saga runs up to her flat and locks the door.


Henrik goes to Lillian, the Danish police boss and asks if he can be put on the Anker case. Hang on. This bloke is a policeman!! So a man who seems to be taking drugs, has an extremely questionable relationship with his wife and appears to be delusional (see issues below) is to be the steadying influence on Saga. Ideal.

Lise is appearing on TV discussing a blog that she does, where she puts up videos of her discussing issues, which included talking about how the dead woman’s views were all wrong and that gay people should not be allowed to marry in church. She also names one priest in particular who was the first to allow gay marriages in his church. She seems to have extremely right wing views and could be described as an attractive Danish version of Katie Hopkins.

As Henrik meets Saga for the first time and says what a beautiful car she has, Saga replies “Everyone says that. You’re not allowed to drive it.”


Morten is having serious issues. After holding a knife to a woman’s throat, he goes to the doctor and is shouting that he needs his anti-depressants and anxiety medications. He is constantly saying “I didn’t touch her” in relation to his mother. As he leaves the doctor’s, Henrik and Saga turn up, but he manages to escape through a window.

The priest that Lise had been talking about is found strangled with the same lipstick marks on his face tied up on a swing. The priest’s wife informs the police that he had received threats and talks about Lise’s blogs.

The man who Aleks had went to visit phones him and says they should meet. When Aleks arrives, he sees that men are there to kill him and manages to escape on his strategically placed motorbike as he is being shot at.

Saga and Henrik visit Lise who tells them she is not doing anything illegal and is very dismissive of them. We later discover that she is married to Lars, the Prime Minister, I mean the CEO of the company where the first body was murdered.

Saga goes to visit the forensic lab. She is told that there were no parts missing from the priest’s body. She has also given papers her mother gave her about her sister to the forensic doctor. He claims that there is nothing to suggest that Munchausen by proxy syndrome was evident. His professional opinion is that it could have been, but he says he believes in evidence.


As Hans leaves the office, we see a gun being pointed at his face in the car park. Then him being hit across the head with said gun. Since Hans didn’t turn up for dinner, Lillian phones the office and asks Saga to check his car is still there. Saga finds his phone and blood beside the car.

After checking through Hans’ emails, they find that he had been receiving threats (it seems everyone has) from Aleks that had just been released from prison. They head to his house and he tells them he had threatened him, but because he had forced him to grass on people to save his family and he knows nothing about Hans being kidnapped.

He is, of course, lying and has Hans tied up and is going to claim a ransom for him. In the meantime, he is heading off to deal with the man who led him to the trap where he was about be killed. As he prepares to shoot from outside the house, he sees Samira, his own wife kissing the man, with his own kids also there. He leaves the premises.

When Aleks sends the ransom video to the police , Henrik recognises a mark on the paper he used in the video as one that was in Aleks’ house. The police pile round to Aleks and search the premises, but don’t find Hans with Aleks ready to shoot as soon as the door is opened to the room he is in. The room must be well hidden.

The police depart and then we see someone opening the door to the room. Aleks shoots into the dark and is then shot by an unknown figure who then uses chloroform on Hans, which had been part of the murderer’s routine.

Two great episodes to start with and I’d forgotten how good Sofia Helin was as Saga. Great acting. I do miss Martin, but it’s still a lot better than anything else on TV at the moment and previous series have been up there with The Killing and Borgen as my favourite dramas from Scandinavia.

There might be potential in the Henrik and Saga double act. The bit when he told her about the women he had met and she asked if they had sex was well done. “Are you mistaking me for a female friend you had 20 years ago?” “I didn’t have any female friends 20 years ago.”

A lengthy review, but with so many new characters and plot lines to cover, I hope anyone reading can forgive me. Looking forward to next week!


  • No mention of the shadowy figure in the last scene of the last episode from Season 2?
  • Very early subtitle error with Lise at her daughter’s school saying “Done in similar things before”. Tut.
  • Heavy influence of Martin when Saga was reeling off questions to Hanne to make ‘small talk’.
  • Nice to see Saga still stripping down to her bra to change her top in the office.
  • Henrik is in the middle of Sixth Sense isn’t he? His wife is either dead or has left him or doesn’t exist.
  • Great scene where Saga’s mum turned up and she had to keep misaligning a book so she could straighten it.
  • I loved Hans saying to Saga “I know you won’t like it, but I think you need a hug”.
  • So nobody is allowed to drive Saga’s car, but it managed to move from one side of the street to the other on its own.
  • How come everyone always manages to park exactly where they want? There always seems to be a space for Saga right outside the police station.
  • Interesting to see Saga picking up a cross in the church and looking at it strangely.
  • Odd moment when homophobe Lise thinks Saga looks hot in leather trousers.
  • I hope Lise gets her comeuppance.
  • Loved Saga’s confused face when Lillian didn’t want a hug.
  • Thought Aleks would be even more likely to shoot that bloke when he saw he was with his wife.
  • That was some detective work by Henrik to recognise the paper with the coffee ring on it. Keep taking the drugs!
  • Amazing how easily the police found where Aleks was staying when there seems to be lots of people looking for him.
  • The person at the end that shot Aleks had leather on. Lise had commented on how she liked Saga’s leather trousers?
  • “I don’t like social activities” is quite a knockback when you ask someone out.“I’m not bossy, I’m efficient”. I’ll need to remember that one. And also, “Your self-image may not correspond with reality.”
  • It would be nice if Saga could get past her idea that she cannot see Martin in prison as she does not socialise with criminals, but I don’t think Martin appears at all in the series.
  • The gender neutral pronoun “hen” doesn’t work in Scotland, as this is how women are referred to by some.
  • I’m going for Aleks’ wife Samira as heavily involved.
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Bear’s Den live in Edinburgh, Queens Hall, Monday 5 October 2015


Ok, I’ll get it out of the way first. You could argue, probably quite strongly, that Bear’s Den are from the same stable as Mumford & Sons (M&S). Indeed, the West London band released their debut album a year ago on the Communion Records label. This is the label founded in 2006 by Mumford member Ben Lovett and Bear’s Den member Kevin Jones.

They have also supported M&S, were raised in the same music scene and play what could easily be described as indie folk. Banjos also feature prominently in many of their songs. There’s a big difference though (to me anyway). I like Bear’s Den. I don’t like Mumford & Sons. Bear’s Den make beautiful sweeping songs, with intricate lyrics, haunting harmonies and clever musicianship. M&S are more in your face, and they are not mine, they are your M&S. Bear’s Den wouldn’t even consider making a Christmas advert……..

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Andrew Davie, Joey Haynes on vocal/banjo and Kevin Jones vocals/drums have toured extensively since Bear’s Den formed in 2011, including in Australia and several times in the USA.

Having released several EPs since their formation, they brought out their debut album Islands in October 2014 with reworkings of some EP tracks and some new songs.

The more I’ve listened to the album, the more it has grown on me, so I’m looking forward to the gig.

In what has become rare in recent times, we arrive before the support act has even started. In what is a sold out show, we decide that upstairs we will go. I’ve not been upstairs for a long time in the Queen’s Hall, which was originally built in 1823 as Hope Park Chapel. It’s been in its current form since 1979.


Tonight’s support act is Lisa Mitchell, who was born in England, but moved with her family to Australia when she was three. At the age of 16, she appeared on Australian Idol and finished in sixth place. She has since released three EPs and two albums.

Lisa Mitchell

I’m disappointed that singer/songwriter Monty Milne isn’t supporting, because then that would have been Bear’s Den and Milne guy. (This will only make sense if you are Scottish).

Hearing Mitchell start to sing on her opening song, you quickly realise that she hasn’t got a reality TV show voice, it’s much better than that. It has a quirky sound to it, which you can hear clearly as she is on stage on her own with just a guitar (although a drum machine is used at one point). Definitely someone I’ll be trying to hear more of. There is a lot of chatting throughout her songs which seems to be a feature of gigs nowadays, and really must make it hard for someone on stage with just a guitar.

Bear’s Den take to the stage at 9pm and it’s now that we notice that there is a pretty large chunk of the stage out of our eye line. The three band members appear to be supplemented by at least two others, but it isn’t easy to see what is being played by whom. This leads to confusion on a number of occasions, when instruments are clearly audible that we can’t see, including horns, drums (when we can see the drum kit in the middle of the stage has nobody at it), backing vocals/harmonies that aren’t coming from people we can see etc. This is augmented by one occasion when there is someone playing the drums on the visible kit and there is still other drumming heard and at one point, he is hitting one of the drumsticks against his leg. I very much hope that all of the music was live, as I am sure it was, but it looked weird from where we were. This is a note for us in future to try and sit more centrally if we go upstairs again.


They open with the beautiful Elysium and there is definitely a difference in the level of chatting, although I accept that the audience came to see Bear’s Den. The applause at the end of the song certainly reflected the love for the band.

It only takes until the second song before they move from their only album release with Mother, which appeared on the Agape EP. It’s also very well received. It’s clear that this is a band at the very top of their game as they continue with three more tracks from the album, including a request for audience participation to do the clapping in Think of England, before the first new song of the evening, Red Earth and Pouring Rain. They seemed genuinely nervous about how a new song would be received, understandable I suppose since much of the album has been about for several years in one form or another and has picked up a lot of praise. They needn’t have worried – it went down well.


Another album track, Sophie is given a fresh feel with the band taking a step back from the microphones and playing an unplugged version, with horns standing behind. This worked very well and received rapturous applause, before another three tracks from the album are beautifully performed, leading to a second new track, Roses on a Breeze. Again, this goes down well with the packed venue.


Sahara (Parts I and II) from a 2013 EP is next to get an airing and then Davie tells us that the next song will be the last with no chance whatsoever of them coming back to do an encore, making it very clear that his tongue is firmly in his cheek.

The gorgeous and emotional Above the Clouds of Pompeii closes the set, which sounds great, but some of the fragility to the song seems to have gone to have it close this part of the evening, which is a shame really.

The shortest gap between main set and encore I think I have ever seen and they are back on stage, with Davie asking the crowd if it is ok if they come out and sing in the main body of the audience. This has become a trademark of the band and the three main players get right into the middle of the standing part of the audience and ask for quiet as they play an unplugged version of album closer Bad Blood. I think it’s the quietest and most respectful I have ever heard an audience at a gig and mobile phones are everywhere filming. It sounds amazing and it’s easy to spot from the balcony smiling faces everywhere (including the band members themselves)


They get back on stage for the last song of the evening, the wonderful Agape, undoubtedly my favourite banjo led song since Bell X1’s Alphabet Soup.

It’s a shame to see the concert end. This is a band who seem to be at the peak of their powers and the 75 minutes they are on stage goes very quickly. It’s also a shame that they didn’t play Stubborn Beast, but I digress.

Mumford lover or hater, you really should give these boys a listen.




Don’t Let the Sun Steal You Away


Think of England

Red Earth and Pouring Rain



The Love We Stole

When You Break

Roses On A Breeze


Above the Clouds of Pompeii


Bad Blood


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