Crimes of Passion – Dangerous Dreams – Bit of a nightmare?

Crimes of Passion – Episode 5

Dangerous Dreams


Penultimate episode alert! Only one to go after this!!  Let the smoking begin.

So what circumstances will conspire to find Puck, Christer and Eje in some beautiful country house in the middle of nowhere this week? Well we don’t find out straight away as we begin with a pregnant woman opening a package and taking out a book by an Andreas Hallman, which is signed by the author to “Ann-Louise”.  She clearly expected something to be in the book as after flicking through it, she shakes it, but nothing comes out.  This must have been particularly disappointing as we next see her standing by the water’s edge somewhere and she walks into it until she is completely submerged.  (Let’s hope the postman didn’t steal whatever she was expecting).

The Frid and Frid music begins and the titles play. Aah.

Puck and Eje appear on screen, in a car, discussing the same novel that was in the opening sequence. The book apparently won Andreas the Nobel Prize.  I’m guessing for literature rather than physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine or peace. But where have Eje’s glasses gone??  He had them on all last week, but there is no sign of them now!

It turns out that Puck has got a job as Andreas’ secretary and Eje is driving her to her new job. It is in a beautiful country house in the middle of nowhere.  Some of you may be getting a feeling of déjà vu here.  Yes, this blog is as bad as all my others.

Kare, son of Andreas comes to the gates of the property and lets Puck in, but doesn’t allow Eje in. His “genius father” doesn’t allow outsiders in.  Kare explains to Puck that she is taking the job of his sister, Ylva.  This may explain why Ylva looks like she is sucking on a lemon.


We meet the rest of the family. Andreas’ wife Bjorg, Andreas’ son from a previous relationship Jon (who has a heart defect and must avoid excitement.  He should be ok watching this), Jon’s wife, who is also his former nurse – Cecilia.  Then Andreas arrives in the room but what’s this!  It’s Viggo from Arne Dahl!  Any chance I have of taking this episode seriously has now gone.


We see Puck going up the narrowest staircase in the history of the world and then doing her traditional snooping. Andreas, who had told her to be at his study at 3.30 catches her.  She manages to say she had got lost.  Andreas says out loud his thoughts and Puck writes them down then types them up for use in his next book.

Puck walks past Jon and Cecilia’s room to see them getting intimate, with Cecilia in her sexy underwear. Although this is a surprise given what’s been said about Jon’s heart condition, Puck stands watching quite a bit longer than is necessary.  Ylva is watching Puck watching, this time chewing a wasp.

Family physician Dr Isander has now arrived and joins the family for dinner. For dessert, different family members get different coloured bowls.  They have always done this.  (This will be significant klaxon!).  Jon has a bit of a coughing fit after eating a grape from what appears to be fruit salad.  He reassures everyone that it is delicious, just a little too hot.

Puck wakes up from a nightmare (either that or another incredibly loud ticking clock at the side of her bed woke her). She hears a thump and walks out of her room to investigate.  She almost falls over Jon’s body lying on the floor.  He manages to say “murder!” to Puck before dying.

Dr Isander says that Jon’s heart finally gave out. Puck asks if he is sure of this and tells him about his final word.  The doctor says she probably misheard and he was saying “mother” as he was looking forward to seeing her in heaven.

Kare and Ylva are telling Cecilia that she has no reason to stay at the house any longer, but Andreas overhears and tells her she can stay as long as she wants.

Puck phones Eje at his work and what’s this? He’s wearing glasses as he works!  It would seem his eyesight has improved significantly and he only needs them for reading now.  She tells him what she heard and that she doesn’t feel comfortable.


Next we see someone entering Puck’s room and smothering her with a pillow. The snooping and interfering and thinking she has all the rights of the police are over!  But no, she was dreaming again.  She has had enough now and packs her cases and goes to leave, but the front gates are locked.  As she tries to find another way out she finds Andreas who tells her that he needs her and that she has signed a contract.

With there being a large part of the programme already gone, it’s a big surprise there has been no sign of Christer, but don’t worry ladies, here he is. Saying at the gate intercom that he was Puck’s brother and he had some urgent communication for her, he is reluctantly let in.  Eje had called him and he went to investigate.  Once again, whatever he may have been working on in Stockholm is irrelevant.

Christer quickly announces that there should have been a post mortem given the doubt in place following what Puck had heard. He was clearly later arriving into the episode as he has been away drinking, as he tells old sour puss that she is beautiful.  To follow all the other episodes, this means that she is ruled out of having committed any murder, as whoever looks like being the object of Christer’s attention gets to leave with him at the end.  For the first week though, he hasn’t gone for the best looking one, which is clearly the newly single Cecilia.  Does this mean she did it?


Andreas again forbids Puck to leave, but Christer comes to the rescue and takes her away. Puck checks into a hotel.  It’s not clear why she is hanging around, but she manages to get the last available room, which is a double.  It’s clear this will have Christer connotations.

Andreas announces at dinner that he is going to give permission for a post mortem on Jon’s body which will be exhumed. Almost immediately, he chokes and falls from his chair, dead.  He has been poisoned with strychnine. Christer of course, is suddenly investigating this despite not being the local police.

Puck is delighted to find that the woman who runs the hotel she is staying in is as much of a busybody as she is, as she tells her that Bjorg has tried to kill herself and that Andreas has brought several female conquests to the hotel. Doesn’t sound much of a recluse to me!

Christer is interviewing the family members and tells Cecilia that “some say you’re a gold digger”. Sadly, he doesn’t break into the Kanye West and Jamie Foxx song.  Cecilia advises him that she had swapped Jon and Andreas’ portions around as there was quite a bit of ginger in Jon’s bowl.  So was any poison present meant for Andreas?


Christer goes to Puck’s hotel room and asks if he can sleep over as there are no rooms left. He sleeps on the couch.  Next we see him joining Puck in bed, but it’s just another of her dreams.

Puck and Christer return to the Hallman home, everyone forgetting again that Puck isn’t actually in the police. They discover Bjorg and the doctor holding hands on the sofa.  Puck is soon off snooping in Andreas’ room and finds a photograph of a woman.  Ylva finds her and quickly rips up the photo.

The pathologist advises that Jon’s death was indeed heart related.


We see the doctor going into Andreas’ safe and removing an envelope. The key had been missing but he clearly had it all along.  As he is leaving, Christer asks for a word. He asks if anyone knew that he had strychnine in his bag. The doc says that Cecilia may have known as she has helped him in the past with being a former nurse.  He tells Christer that he has found the safe key.

Puck has reassembled the ripped up photo and it is a picture of Ann-Louise. The pathologist wants to see Christer.  Puck asks Yrla who Ann-Louise was.  Yrla explains she was a previous secretary of Andreas and Kare was in love with her.  Andreas sent her away and Kare said he would kill him.  Nice camaraderie with her brother there.

The pathologist tells Christer that Jon was indeed poisoned. It was by something used as an insecticide in plants.  Puck, who remember wanted to leave not so long ago, goes to the greenhouse to speak to Kare.  He gets angry at Puck asking about Ann-Louise and grabs her, but Christer turns up and asks what is going on.  For some reason, Puck says “nothing”.

So Christer gets them all in a room again. He accuses the doctor of poisoning Andreas, who, once again when they are all in a room together like every other episode, he admits to.


Christer is having dinner with Eje in the hotel and the line of the series occurs when Eje sees the photo of Ann-Louise and says she is Christer’s type. Christer asks what his type is and Eje replies “any woman”. The gossipy hotel owner sees the picture and says it is no wonder that Ann-Louise killed herself after Andreas had got her pregnant then abandoned her.  She also mentions the dead girl’s younger sister Irma.  This seems to strike a chord with Christer, although I have no idea why, and he and Eje rush to the car.

Puck is still at the Hallman house as the publishing company want the rest of what Andreas dictated typed up. The bulb in the room in which she is working goes out and she wanders off to find a replacement.  This leads her to Cecilia’s room, where she finds a photograph of Cecilia and Ann-Louise together.  Cecilia catches her and soon they both realise Puck knows that she was Ann-Louise’s sister.  Puck runs and Cecilia chases after her, picking up a heavy ornament on the way.  Cecilia eventually catches up with Puck and hits her across the face with the ornament.

Christer’s car breaks down and he and Eje have to run to the house. Puck wakes to find herself tied to a chair.  Cecilia tells Puck that after what Andreas did to her sister, she wanted to make him suffer.  She had seen Bjorg and the doctor put poison in Andreas’ fruit salad and swapped it round so that Andreas would suffer more at the death of his favourite son. She then killed Andreas.  Cecilia says she is going to burn down the house and injects Puck in the neck as we see Christer and Eje arrive.


Next we see Puck coming to in the hospital and it looks like everything is going to be ok. There’s still time for us to see Christer leaving the hospital arm in arm with the miserable Yrla.

Slightly better episode this week, but that may just have been with the appearance of snow. The cinematography is still fantastic though.


Only one episode left. I guess that must be because Christer will no longer be in heat.


  • Given all the secrecy surrounding the family, just how did Puck get the job?
  • It seems that Jon was poisoned by eating one grape.
  • Why would the pathologist have found the key? Do they think he swallowed it?
  • Puck was wearing the same top several times. This doesn’t happen. Although the big coat she was wearing would mean she wouldn’t have any more room in her suitcase. (Apart from for her funeral outfit).
  • Were exhumations really carried out at night in 50s Sweden?
  • So after a death Puck wanted to leave? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH THE REAL PUCK!!
  • Swedish for ‘inherits nothing’ sounded like ‘a ring a ding’.
  • I suppose it is fully understandable that Puck had her funeral outfit with her by now.
  • It was very obvious that Puck was dreaming when Christer got in her bed.
  • Why did the nosey hotel owner have a newspaper cutting to hand about the death of Ann-Louise?
  • Why did Puck have to type up the notes she made from Andreas at the house? Could she not have done it elsewhere?
  • The snow made it feel a bit more Noir than previous episodes.
  • None of the family seemed to smoke shocker! (But Puck lit up constantly).
  • I know what to expect from this now, so Henrik Stenson was the Swede I was most hoping for a good performance from on my TV this weekend.
  • When the word ‘fantastisk’ was used, was the translation really ‘excellent’?
  • Are we absolutely sure that Puck isn’t a serial killer?
  • Another story of everyday murder ends happily ever after.

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5 Responses to Crimes of Passion – Dangerous Dreams – Bit of a nightmare?

  1. Celia says:

    Christer remembered the name Irma from the marriage certificate- as you do

  2. Celia says:

    So easy to do 😉

  3. Jay says:

    Well observed, Wandy! I really wanted to like this offering but it’s been awful.

    The actress who played Yvla this week was also in “Arne Dahl”, as a cop from a special unit who ended up in a relationship with “Chavez” (the fiery, edgy, streetsmart, ethnic minority trope-guy).

    I completely failed to recognise “Viggo”! Possibly because he was the only person who might have been doing any acting.

    “Crimes of Passion” is let down by its sheer stupidness however stylish it looks.

    Christer reminds me of “Paul Temple” on the radio (apart from the James Bond-esque sexual incontinence). His style of detection is a bit odd to say the least. He does very little apart from usurp the pathologist and conduct some bad, ham-fisted, cross-examination to badger suspects before any substantial evidence has been gathered. I’m not one for police procedural programmes unless they happen to be subtitled but he’s the worst “sleuth” yet, letting his mates do the so-called detective work for him. It’s probably because they’re academics so they’re cleverer than him – but it’s none of their business, surely?!

  4. Jay says:

    The only thing I’m loving about this programme is Christer’s “sleeve garters”.

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